I Want You To Notice All Of This Life

What does it mean to practice mindfulness

And gratitude

How can we live this life


Showing up

Time and time again

With an undefended heart

Even when the world

Doesn’t show up

In the way we want it or expect it to

Can we open our eyes

And notice

That it is all

Exactly as it is supposed to be

I want you to notice

All of those times you thought

You’d never get through

But you survived

That you, like the sun

Always rises

That rejection

Is God’s protection

Redirecting you

From that which does not fit

I want you to notice

All the little things

You take for granted

Like the smell

Of your favorite soap

How the rain

You don’t like so much

Makes everything

That much greener

And those difficult feelings

You experience

Guides you back home

Like a compass

To the woman you are meant to be

I want you to notice

All that dark shit

You’ve been through

Shines a light

On your resilience

And strength

Softens your heart

And allows you

To better compassionately connect

And relate

To the world around you

I want you to notice

All the times

You felt like you were left

And you realized

You were anything

But alone

I want you to notice

When your loved one

Has you feeling nagged

Asking you every question

In the book

Telling you

To bring a jacket

To drive safely in the rain

And to call when you arrive

She is telling you

How much she loves you

I want you to notice

How that man

In front of you at the coffee shop

Who is taking

What feels like forever

When you are late

Is teaching you patience

And humor

As you laugh at yourself

Remembering that you seek to sip this life

Slowly, sweetly

And with intention

I want you to notice

Those long drives

Running those mundane

tedious errands

Are opportunities

For dance parties

For life

I want you to notice

The way the colors of the soap

dance in the sink

As you wash the dishes

As cleaning your home

Is an opportunity

For meditation

And gratitude

In motion

I want you to notice

How all those things

That used to terrify you

Aren’t so scary anymore

I want you to notice

To pay attention

To all of life’s details

And intricacies

To be present

So you can be

fully touched

By this life TC mark

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