A Few Things I Wonder About The Love I Haven’t Met Yet

Florian Schneider / Unsplash

Who are you
And do you seek to answer this with conviction
Can you love the answer
In a way where you feel free
How do you feel
When you lay your head on your pillow
After a hard day’s work
Can you tell me
What keeps you up at night
And what is the first thought
In your mind in the morning
Do you believe in luck
Or faith

What sets your soul on fire
This is not a rhetorical question
I want to know
Are you intentional with your words
Can your darkness dance with mine
Can you watch the reflection of the world through the eyes of a child
Have you ever wanted to laugh and cry
At the way the world shows up for you
When you show up for the world
What is your favorite meal
And can I have it ready for you
After a long day’s work
Can you find beauty in flaws, mine and your own
Will you share your fears with me
Because you feel safe here

Do you notice the moon
Even when it feels like the only bright light
And do you know that this isn’t true
That feelings don’t last
That you have the universe inside of you

Do you want to share your world with me
One “how was your day, babe” at a time
Will you read my writing
Not because you care for poetry
But because you care for me

Do you do kind things for others
And not tell a soul
Because you don’t need to
We can already tell
By the way you hold your head up

Do you mind
That I have dirt underneath my nails sometimes
From playing with the earth
Do you mind if I have dandy skin
That I have priorities
That come before you
That I am whole
With or without you

Do you mind that I am a feminist
That wants a man to take charge
In certain aspects of the relationship
Do you mind if I act “crazy” every once in a while
When I let my feelings get the best of me
As I am human, after all

Do you mind if I just lay next to you
And speak with only touch

Do you believe
That love grows
With gratitude
With nourishment
Becoming more
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