Travel Is The Best Therapy You Could Ever Have

Flickr / Leo Hidalgo
Flickr / Leo Hidalgo

We travel because we want to see new sights, meet different and interesting people, taste exotic food, and experience a foreign culture. We travel because we all want to feel. Enough of the jaded concrete jungles!

What could urban animals possibly teach you that you don’t already know, dear city girl? Trek the soils of Cambodia, sink one’s feet in the warm sands of Bali, breathe new air from the mountain tops of New Zealand and live!

You want new life in your veins. Find the folly of your old ways being washed away by the sense of rebirth that a breath of fresh, unfamiliar air brings you. Let the lullabies of peculiar sounds deliver you to wonderful sleep. Watch in wonder as sceneries that used to be pixels on your computer screen become tangible, your new reality, as you step down that plane, that boat, even that taxi.

Discover a vast new universe in every time zone. Find your home in the warmth of a new person’s smile. Collapse like a wave into a shore of blankets at the end of every day spent on the road. Realize that you haven’t truly found yourself until you actually lost yourself in the world. Watch as the earth opens up, bringing forth new heartbreaks, conquests, memories with every heavy breath, every hesitant step.

To travel is your birthright. To turn this life into something worthy of the next is a must. Get that passport stamped, get that passport full! Rest well tonight, every night, and dream of wonderful adventures tomorrow. By then, all will materialize.

The world is ready for you. It welcomes you now, asking, wondering what took you so long. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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