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Texting Hillary Clinton Is A Boss

The original photo is a meme-maker’s dream. In it, Clinton looks totally cool, calm and ~over it, perfect for shooting off sassy barbs to other government officials like Colin Powell and Anthony Weiner from the comfort of her spacious G6.

How To Fall In Love With Gay Broadway Boys

Your real-life sexual orientation is moot. You deserve the same respect — and career opportunities — provided to other actors. Here’s my evidence: You’re consistently confusing the crap out of my lady hormones.

Using The Word “Abuse”

The walls and furniture become my whipping boys. I need him to see me, always, even if it’s just to scrape me out from underneath his fingernails. β€œAre you ever going to actually hit me?” I ask.

So, Are We All Gonna Have Sex With Each Other Now Or What?

Do you think Ross and Rachel would have happened on ?Friends? if they?d all just gotten down to biz-nass in a big heap on day one? No way! Because that weird tension would have evaporated and everyone could just go on being friends without this “will-they-won?t-they” nonsense.

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