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I Think I Can Heal Myself Like Wolverine

Whenever I get injured or sick, my go-to method is the olโ€™ โ€œdo nothing.โ€ Yep. I do nothing. I continue on with my life, dragging my half-working body around like Iโ€™m the guy from Monty Python and The Holy Grail. โ€œItโ€™s just a flesh wound!โ€ I shout as my arm falls off.

Tumblr Is For Lovers

It’s a lovely little creative outlet for people who want to not only, let’s say, watch a TV show, but to engage and create and comment on and be inspired by that show. On my corner of the Internet, Tumblr is a place where fans can be fans — together.

You Are My Muse

Youโ€™re the Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow to my Woody Allen. The Patty Boyd to my Eric Clapton and George Harrison. The half-Japanese cello enthusiast to my Weezer.

The Different Internet K-Holes There Are

In a flash, it’s six hours later and I know the words to all of One Direction’s songs and I hate Finchel and I think bowties are cool and I want Sherlock to shag the bejesus out of John Watson. I look out my window at the people having fun on the city streets and I pity them.

Let’s Run Away

I am looking at you. Your furrowed eyebrows, your intent on your task, your dedication to working and to a lightened screen when the sun shines in from the outside through a window advertising chai lattes and I have one ringing, piercing thought: Let’s run away.

Do You Believe In Bigfoot?

If Bigfoot is real, then what else is out there in the world — beyond the accepted walls of your city’s Museum of Science? What else are we wrong about? It would cause a re-examination of just about everything. It’d be fantastic.

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