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This Week In Internet Outrage: 22-Year-Old Ripped Apart For Having A Job, I Guess

We rip apart young people for not working hard enough or not having jobs and then we rip them apart again for working hard and having jobs. How dare this generation not support themselves immediately out of college! How dare they ask their parents for money! How dare they have massive student loans! Wait, what? A young girl has a well-paying job and acknowledges her debt? BURN HER, FOR SHE IS A WITCH.

You Make Me Happy

Even in the dark, you are the constellations in the black sky, the campfire in the woods, the firefly against the glass of the mason jar.

5 Reasons Teenagers Are Terrifying

Talking to a teenager is like trying to rationalize with someone drunk off tequila — they’re these terrifying bundles of rowdy emotion and they can not be controlled or confronted with logic.

Is Your Relationship On Narnia Time?

You could have snapped your fingers between the time it took for us to admit our feelings for each other and the time I started leaving clothing at his place. More instant than your coffee. Bam! Dating! Very seriously!

How Busy Are You?

When people ask me how I’m doing, they don’t want to hear me ramble about an article I’m writing or a book I’m editing. They are asking how I am doing. And often, I don’t know. When I’m not working, I don’t feel entirely whole.

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