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Jodie Foster Owes You Nothing

We have had some of the same experiences and that binds us, but we have also had many, many different experiences and I think I was being insensitive to sweep those under the rug in favor of some kind of LGBTQ army that all does what I think is right, or what I would do — and have chosen to do — myself.

15 1/2 Ways To Know You’re Indecisive

You change clothes every morning more than 10 times. The minute you walk out your door immediately hate what you’ve chosen to wear and have no time to go back and change thus ruining your day.

2013 Is “The Year Of The Crossroads”

Maybe like Robert Johnson sang, you’re willing to sacrifice, to trade your soul or some freedoms or some other paths you could go down just to pick a side of the crossroads to trek down. 2013 is the time.

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