What Do Your Google Searches Say About You?

Nothing says more about a person than their Google searches. I theorize that you can tell a lot about what someone is really like by reading through what they’ve looked up, and a favorite party game for me is to ask someone to go through the last ten things they searched on their iPhone and read them out loud no matter how embarrassing. In that spirit, I went through my computer’s Google searches and reproduced them here for you.

So based on these, what kind of person would you say I am? What do I care about the most? What worries me? What are my interests or hobbies?

Now play this game with yourself. What do your Google searches say about you? And leave some of the funniest or weirdest ones in the comments.


alec baldwin write for law and order?
alex mack
amy acker
adam palley twitter
are you Nell from the movie Nell


buffy monologues
benefits of biotin
bigfoot photos
breakfast at tiffanys is paul a prostitute
ben wyatt bisexual
bio oil chapped lips
breakfast at tiffanys are they both prostitutes?


christian slater true romance
chili tlc
calling boyfriend by last name okay?
chris farley shrek audio
can you put lotion on chapped lips
chin breaking out
crispin glover


dave grohl photobomb
dream about getting period?
did donna and jean ralphio hook up?
do your fingers expand in the cold
demi lovato lesbian
dark haired baby
doctor who feels


early period
evan rachel wood lesbian
easy dinner recipes
ET in the phantom menace?
emily and naomi skins
eating raw greenbeans okay?


fighter xtina
feel like you might get your period early
flesh eating virus
fran kranz
fat news anchor
feminist doctor who recap


guy in 212 video
gabby giffords
geeky menorahs
good nice restaurant parents nyc
gary busey eyes


hot guys from the 1800s
how old is leslie knope
homeland theories
halo acoustic
hate looking in mirror
how do i know my ring size?
how to see what was on a deleted livejournal


itchy pimple
isak denisen
is sherlock holmes a virgin
is aleve a blood thinner
is anyone a natural blonde
inappropriate emotional reaction
ice cube chapped lips


jk rowling husband
jon benjamin
john green
jwoww lesbian
just a friend biz markie
justin bieber puke
janet snakehole
john belushi fire the girls


kate mckinnon
kat von d
kevin spacey gay
kurt cobain is rivers cuomo conspiracy
ken marino


late period
laird on girls
left arm numb
lesbian music
little anxieties
liquid swords child talking where from?


migraine early period
madeline albright
macklemore why
maroon peep toe heels
more people of color on tv
mandy patinkin
mariska hartigay speaks spanish?


neck is hot fever?
neck pimples
nba player on portlandia?
no one says zombies on walking dead?
never trust a big butt and a smile
new trends
nicholas brendan twin
neil degrasse tyson


orthodox jew with ponytail
only the rain has such small hands
oswin oswald
one direction
ortho tricyclen lo
overboard goldie hawn
oh you gif


powerpuff girls
peter facinelli
pepto black stool
painful scalp
pop dooky down by the vickens vacants?
paul thomas anderson maya rudolph married?
pretty pretty good
porn i know it when i see it quote


queen latifah scar
queen nefertiti
queen helene acne
qrank dead?


robert griffin iii
raspberry tea for your period
rooney mara speech the social network
rabbit at rest quote thelma
real love lyrics
rape and joss whedon
redman with fireworks
razor burn
rappers with Dr.


sample book of essays book proposal
showtime livestream
short wedding dress
spilled hot tea on foot
should lori have had an abortion
sandy hook
scary horses
smart bacon reviews
sade lesbian


tilda swinton boyfriend husband
taking next packet of pills to avoid period
true affection the blow and laffy taffy
two day hangover
taco recipes
theories clara oswin oswald
things you should know before moving in
tea tree oil razor burn
tea tree oil acne
tea tree oil scalp
the lights the lights the lights the lights song


unpretty lyrics
used to not be able to come from intercourse but now sometimes can?
ukrainian chupacapra


vitamin b12
vince vaughn 90s
vested interest?
vinyasa yoga
vibrating love egg what?


white girl bindi
what does a keratin treatment do
women’s hands make them look old
why is florida crazy?
williams syndrome
was dawn gay buffy
white stuff pimple
why is my audio making me sound like a robot
what do inactive ingredients mean
why do i cry when i’m drunk


xander and spike
xanax for anxiety
“xanny gnashing” lyrics


yeast infection or just little cuts?
yoga first time itchy hands?


zayn malik
zoloft dreams
zoloft sexual side effects
zooey and katy same person? TC Mark

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