Watch This “Homo-neurotic” Web Series Starring Amy Sedaris, Michael Showalter And More

[vimeo 59330784 w=584 h=390]

F to 7th – Episode 4 – Family – with Amy Sedaris from F to 7th Web Series on Vimeo.

This web series has everything I love: hilarious jokes, “homo-neurotic” themes and awesome Brooklyn celebs like Michael Showalter and Amy Sedaris. It’s called F to 7th, and it’s a sort of post-’30 Rock’-can’t get your shit together-surrounded by weirdos show that really fills the void left by Tina Fey. (With more lesbians.) It’s the brainchild of Ingrid Jungerman, one of Out Magazine’s 100 Poeple of The Year, who created the much-loved web series The Slope.

The first three episodes are already online and they are hilarious. In one, Showalter, Jungerman and Isaiah Stokes (LOUIE) argue over the pedigree of their dogs. In another, a late night hook up with Ann Carr reveals a lesbian’s worst nightmare and in the third, Ingrid confronts whether or not she is afraid of being labeled a “dyke.” Even straight folks can definitely relate to the awkwardness of growing up, dating and strange family interactions. In the above clip, Amy Sedaris plays a nosy, loudmouthed aunt visiting Ingrid for a raucous brunch. (Have I mentioned Sedaris is SO FUNNY?)

Jungerman writes, acts and directs every episode and she does it all with the help of friends for very little money. And she’s good. We need to be supporting more independent, web-based shows because it’s starting to seem like that’s where the quality lies. In the future, we may all watch “TV” this way — and I’m not against it. The more diverse voices, the better.

New episodes will go up every Monday on F To 7th. I went to the premiere of the first three episodes and they were amazing. Go watch them! TC Mark

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