Maybe In Another Universe: An eBook By Me, Gaby Dunn

Hello readers and beauties! My name is Gaby Dunn. You may have seen me right here on Thought Catalog or some other places like Cosmopolitan Magazine (ooooh, ahhh) and the New York Times Magazine (how fancy!). I know. I am very impressive, (she said, wearing Spiderman pajamas and eating Raisin Bran in bed at 2:30 p.m. on a weekday).

Do you like my writing? YOU’RE IN LUCK! I have put together this eBook of my best humorous and moving pieces! It is called “Maybe In Another Universe” after this piece that you all loved. Remember that you loved that story? It’s really sad! And science-fiction-y! You put it on your Facebook!

Guess what? The eBook is also only $1.99! That is so cheap! You can tell because of the $1 and the 99 cents. The stories in it are some of the ones I’m most proud of and felt had the most positive impact on the readership here, a readership I very much love and respect. Except when you guys are being dillholes in the comments. JK, love you all forever — please don’t turn on me. I am scared of you.

Here are some topics I cover in the eBook: Blink 182, sisterhood, shipwrecks, student ghettos, bisexuality, feminism, family, sociology and human nature, loneliness, love, sex, and relationships, Doctor Who, art and writing, Tumblr, beauty myths, and domestic abuse.

I would be very appreciative if you would buy “Maybe In Another Universe” for yourself, or a friend or a loved one! I think you will like it. If you are going through a break up and need to cry/get some catharsis, if you just want to laugh, if you want to think about feminism and about the patriarchy and problems within our culture, you will enjoy this eBook. I promise! Look at my smiling face! My promise is as good as bowties are cool. ;)

Thanks so much, friends! I hope you read it, and make me the most popular person at Thought Catalog. I spent a lot of high school eating lunch in the teacher’s lounge with my biology teacher! I have never been popular before! TC Mark

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