You Should Watch The Crazy, True Crime Documentary ‘The Imposter’


This is the trailer for ‘The Imposter,’ a BAFTA-nominated documentary that came out in 2012, but for some reason my friends are passing it around between us now. I’d never heard of ‘The Imposter’ before I watched it two days ago, but since it was pretty gripping and interesting, I figured I’d pass it on to you guys. Watch this insane movie immediately. Go! Go now!

Need convincing? Okay. ‘The Imposter’ is about a missing San Antonio boy named Nicholas Barclay, who was supposedly taken off the street after a basketball game in 1994, when he was 11 years old. Three years later, a French 23-year-old lunatic decides to pose as Nicholas to get passage to the United States and because he’s a con man and a sociopath. But instead of being caught and sent packing, Nicholas’ family unquestioningly takes this random guy in as their missing son — despite his different eye color, hair color, and yes, French accent.

What happens next peaks the interest of an FBI agent and a private investigator to figure out what’s really going on in that suburban San Antonio home and what actually happened to the REAL Nicholas Barclay.

“The Imposter,” directed by TV doc wizard Bart Layton, is best summed up by this review on Total Film, a UK-based movies magazine: “Creepier than ‘Catfish’ and as cinematic as ‘Man On Wire,’ this is an unnerving story immaculately told and a strong contender for doc of the year.”

This eerie, wacked-out movie is for you if you love Law & Order, Dateline, 48 Hours, or any other show about missing people, murder and creepiness. There’s intrigue, true crime, bizarre behavior and an ultimately sad, weird and fulfilling ending.

I was screaming at my screen while watching it because I couldn’t believe this “imposter” was getting away with his heartless scheme — only for one final twist to leave me speechless. You’re on the edge of your seat the whole time and your judgement and sympathy is constantly switching sides. Now that’s what makes for a great documentary.

Watch the trailer above. I need more people to talk to about ‘The Imposter.’ If you’ve seen it, let’s chat in the comments! What did you think? TC Mark

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