What Were These Celebrities Doing When They Were Your Age?


Wanna feel better about where you’re at in life? Do you worry you’re not far enough along in your career? Are you doubtful about where you’ll end up?

The comedy website Splitsider has compiled an awesome list of what 50 stars were up to when they were 25. Some of them were well into their careers and some of them were waiters, doormen, drivers and college football players. Some were already impressive, some had no idea the cultural icons they’d become.

Some of these 20-somethings, like Jerry Seinfeld, were even getting fired from their big TV “breaks.” He thought it was all over! And then he got ‘Seinfeld.’ So basically you have no reason to be down on yourself! Maybe your future is even brighter than you could have imagined.

These people all went on to have pretty successful careers. The list includes Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams, Jon Stewart, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus among other beloved funny people. It’s a really interesting group that gave me some much needed perspective to see. Check it out. TC Mark

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