TV Now More Real Than Reality As CNN Reporter Loses Job, Becomes Consultant On ‘The Newsroom’

A CNN investigative reporter loses his job and decides to work in consulting for ‘The Newsroom.’ Has your brain exploded yet? Someone who could be making a difference doing his real job is now helping fake news come up with realistic, good storylines. ‘The Newsroom’ will apparently be more real than CNN. KA-POW.

This idea also blew the mind of ‘The Daily Show’ correspondent John Oliver who put together a segment on Monday interviewing Kaj Larsen about his new gig.

After CNN eliminated its investigative news department entirely, there was no need for Larsen’s reports from overseas. The network chose to favor talking heads over on the ground reporters because it matched the styles of MSNBC and Fox News. (Which is like saying you gave up wearing Givenchy to match the cut-off jeans and Crocs of your competition.) Turns out investigative journalism is no longer making a profit — which as everyone knows was it’s original goal. Woodward and Bernstein were in it for the cash flow, suckassssss!

Even if you’re not into journalism, which you should be because it keeps you informed — notice I said journalism and not the media because there’s a difference, it’s worth it just to watch a bewildered Oliver shut down someone who would prefer to keep important stories away from the public just to save money. Best quote: “Yeah but Brad, I don’t know how many child soldiers in Sierra Leone use Skype.”

Or this: “No, no, no. Please tell me the only newsroom hiring people like Kaj is not a pretend one!”

They’re right about the only investigative journalism happening in fictional shows — but what about in comedies? John Oliver might say he’s a comedian but in this clip he makes a hell of a reporter. And this sentiment is echoed by Jeff Daniels in the clip:

“If you keep doing what you’re doing, it won’t matter if you’re on CNN, Fox or Youtube, they’ll find you.” So maybe all is not lost. TC Mark

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