Today Sucks


Today sucks.

The weather is shitty. No one got enough sleep last night. We’re not eating right. We’re not showering enough. We’re not dressing nicely. Our skin’s acting up. Our hair won’t stay down. It’s too hot. It’s too cold.

No one is being productive. No one is getting anything worthwhile done. (Or maybe they are, but who wants to think about that, right? Then, today sucks because you’re not one of those people okay, how about that?)

Listen, you are determined. We’re going to keep thinking today sucks no matter what so we may as well commit to it and stop trying to push away those thick rain clouds. Okay, so. Today sucks. It sucks because we can’t control it — or hell, anything. It sucks because we have to be somewhere we don’t want to be. It sucks because we have errands and chores and responsibilities. It sucks because we have to get out of bed and it sucks because we don’t have anything to get out of bed for. There’s too much work to do. There’s not enough work — holy shit, how are you going to get paid?

It sucks because we live in a big house and it feels empty. It sucks because we live in a small apartment and we’re crowded by our brothers and sisters. It sucks because we’re female and feel tired of fighting. It sucks because we’re male and don’t know how to express ourselves. It sucks because we’re dating someone and we don’t know what the future holds. It sucks because we’re single and we just want to cuddle another person. It sucks because our lover is suffocating us. It sucks because our lover is a million miles away. It sucks because our ex-lover is with someone else. It sucks because we let them go. It sucks because we’ve never had a lover.

Do you get it? There’s always a reason today is going to suck. So maybe we just have to take that in our hearts, and know that, and move on from it immediately — like, as soon as we wake up. And then, once we’ve moved on, we’re past it and the day won’t suck anymore. Does that make sense? I don’t know I’m having a sucky day.

Maybe we have to redefine how we view “sucking.” (Teehee.) Maybe our version of suck is so wildly different from someone else’s version of suck that we should be grateful for even the tiny, stupid BS we constantly have to put up with. We should look outside ourselves and instead of thinking of stuff as things we “have” to do, look at it as things we “get” to do.

…Unless today actually does suck.

But I guess there’s always tomorrow…

for more sucking! Gotcha! Brb, crying alone now. TC Mark

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