These People Think Obama Was Sworn In On A Koran

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Our president is from Kenya! Or Mars! Or Narnia! Or something! I wasn’t listening. I’m too busy watching Glenn Beck on full volume to pay attention when they said he was being sworn in on two Bibles so I’m just gonna go full Islamophobe!

These people on Twitter seem to think Barack Obama was inaugurated for the second time yesterday by being sworn in on a disguised Koran. Here are some disheartening examples:

Palmetto Public Record
Palmetto Public Record

There are even more at the source. And even if he was sworn in on the Koran? Who the eff cares? It does not mean ANYTHING. The president doesn’t HAVE to be Christian and if the president — some president in the future — were Muslim, it’d be TOTALLY FINE because we’re a diverse nation with the separation of church and state. And because not all Muslims are terrorists and because we’re smart people who should know this.

Maybe we should think about a) why we’re so suspicious of a black president when I can’t remember any other president’s Bible choice being questioned like this and b) why we’d even care if someone used a Koran? The Koran is a bible. We all believe in the same God, just with different names.

America isn’t a Christian nation. I don’t even quite understand why we use a Bible for these things in the first place. There is no rule that says a president has to use a Bible for his/her swearing in — it’s simply tradition. Would an athiest president be sworn in on a stack of Marvel comics? (My preference. Would pay to see this.) TC Mark

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