If This Boy Gets 1M Facebook Likes, His Crush Will Sleep With Him


Oh no. Oh. No.

Apparently, this Norwegian guy has reached over 1 million likes on Facebook meaning that according to his posterboard, his crush Cathrine will have to sleep with him. Petter Kverneng posted a photo of himself with the blonde object of his affections and a request: “like” this 1 million times and Cathrine will HAVE to give it up. He’s nearly reached double his goal, which I guess means…anal? I don’t know. Ugh.

Sorry, internet but I can’t bro out and get on board with this. I guess she agreed to their deal and of course, I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and respect her bodily autonomy. But my concern mostly lies with Petter and with the semi-anonymous crowd cheering him on. They’re really scarily forgetting that Cathrine is a real girl and they’re injecting their own fantasies and warped porn brains onto a couple of actual teenagers. The whole thing reinforces the disturbing idea that people ever are “owed” sex. (See: Nice Guys of OkCupid.)

This horde of internet creepers doesn’t see Cathrine as a person. They’re excited that someone she presumably doesn’t really want to sleep with — or at least wouldn’t normally enthusiastically consent to sleep with — is going to get to “nail” her. They’ve dehumanized her. They feel she deserves it simply for being female and thus far, refusing to bone someone she doesn’t want to bone. I mean, HOW DARE SHE, right? What a tease for simply living in this world and not reciprocating this guy’s feelings. He should “win!” They’re all more concerned with the sex than with whether this girl actually wants to sleep with her presumed friend. That’s gross, gross, gross. (Maybe she wouldn’t have agreed to the photo if she didn’t want to, you might say, and that’s true. But I’m talking more about the reaction to this story, because we can’t possibly know what she’s thinking.)

It’s also just sad and depressing that this is the only way he felt he could woo her. If Petter really respected Cathrine and really liked or loved her, why treat her like a prize he’s owed for going viral? Doesn’t he value their friendship? Even if she does agree to honor their agreement, it will be an empty victory for Petter. If she doesn’t have feelings for him or doesn’t particularly want him, why does he think coercing her into sex will “cure” him of a long-standing crush? If anything, it’s going to make everything worse for him, but he can’t see that through the army of weirdos telling him to bang her nasal cavity or whatever. If it’s all in good fun for the teens, then go for it! I don’t have Puritanical views on sex or even think teens shouldn’t be doing it. My problem is more with the immediate wave of slack-tongued dudes ready to back this mindlessly.

Do they think men deserve the women they want without any thought to what the woman might want? They apparently think it’s cool to sleep with someone who is “meh” on the matter or who flat-out doesn’t want it. This is a terrible way to think about women. Petter’s gonna find that out soon enough when he feels no satisfaction from finally “getting” his crush. This? This is certainly not him winning. Not in the way he thinks. TC Mark

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