How To Dress Like Your Favorite TV Character: Jenna Maroney From ’30 Rock’

Every few months I rewatch all of 30 Rock out of some sort of weird, lonely habit. I’ve actually been ridiculed by others when I watch the show in public because I can recite all the lines. It’s like I’m a robot who only knows 30 Rock references. (What am I gonna do when it’s gone?)

Since I watch it so much, I sometimes zone out and look for different things in the episodes: background jokes or whatever. One big thing I noticed is that Jenna’s outfits are amazing. She looks great on cam-er-uh!

It’s super subtle in a way that fashion-y shows like Gossip Girl and Zooey Deschanel on New Girl could never dream of being but I think the secret best dressed person on TV is Jenna Maroney. While Tina Fey/Liz Lemon is kept in dumpy blazers and sweatshirts, Jane Krakowski always looks freaking fabulous in this totally natural way.

I know she’s supposed to be a celebrity so it’s no surprise she’s fashionable but on my third or fourth go-round of the series, I realized that Jenna is actually awesome at dressing herself and I would like to dress like her. I want all of her outfits. I considered starting a Tumblr where I’d post what Jenna wore and then try and match it to similar stuff currently in stores but I’m better at appreciating than I am at curating clothes. (I am terrible at shopping.) I’m gonna give it a go here and if you guys like it, I can do these for other TV characters we love.

Here are five of the best Jenna outfits and some leads on matching the looks:

The Blue Blazer from “Leap Day”

30 Rock

I love this Leap Day sexy outfit. Jenna wears yellow and blue to grab the attention of a stunted bajillionaire. This is one of her more dramatic outfits but I love, love, love it.

Similar: I found a similar blazer here. The tie is here. Her shoes are also blue suede Steve Maddens, a similar kind of which you can get here.

Maroon Shirt and Heels in “Stone Mountain”

30 Rock

The writers try to get into gay Halloween after Jenna lounges around the writer’s room with her friends Michael, Sasha and Gay Michael — and because Cerie says it’s where hot girls go. This outfit is indicative of a lot of Jenna’s clothing, a mix of minx and professional.

Similar: The blouse here, black pencil skirt here, and maroon peep-toe heels here.

The Bow Blouse in “The One With The Cast of Night Court”

30 Rock

Jenna wears a lot of bow blouses. This beige-ish one from Season 3 is a good example of a classy one. Sometimes she wears them with a vest over them which is also super cute:

30 Rock

Similar: Get the white blouse here, throw on a pair of dark jeans and pull your hair back into a half-pony like Jenna’s. Gorgeous. A magenta blouse is here and a black vest is here.

The Green Shirt in “Jackie Jormp-Jormp”

30 Rock

I love this color on her. I love the shirt tucked in with the brown belt and jeans. This is such a great casual outfit. In fact, this episode is fill of awesome Jenna clothes, but more on that later.

Similar: Short sleeve here and long sleeve here. Here’s the brown belt for cheap too.

The Yellow Dress in “Jackie Jormp-Jormp”

30 Rock

Jenna wears this to the Kids Choice Awards and then everyone thinks she is dead. There’s really no better publicity than that. She’s trying to drum up buzz for her Janis Joplin movie by also carrying a gold peace sign clutch:

30 Rock

Similar: I found a similar strapless bright yellow dress here. Not the same at all but here’s a nice peace sign clutch if you want to add that.

BONUS: The Gossip Girl Outfit in “Black Light Attack!”

30 Rock

Even though Jenna is supposed to look ridiculous here, she looks crazy cute. Poor girl just needed to embrace her age and land a part on Gossip Girl as oof, the teenage Tartine’s mother.

Similar: The gloves, the pink and black belts, the pink and black headband here, a pink skirt here, and her black jacket with gold buttons here, although WAY too expensive for my tastes. Guess I have to get my own sketch show before I can actually dress like Jenna, huh? TC Mark

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