Tina Fey Gives Us A Tour Of Liz Lemon’s Office Before ’30 Rock’ Ends Forever

Liz Lemon’s office is a pivotal place in 30 Rockefeller. It’s where she eats sandwiches and writes funny Fart Doctor sketches. It’s basically on par with Ben Franklin’s house in terms of historical importance.

Among her numerous knickknacks are photos of Tina Fey’s actual daughter. (What! How sad for the baby-wanting Lemon!) Find out why Ghostface was never paid for his work on Season 1 or how worlds collide with a photo of Amy Poehler on Liz’s wall. (“If she’s Amy Poehler, then who am I?” Ha!) Find out what celebrity Tina sent Liz’s framed photo of her and Floyd in Cleveland. Find out what poster the Lemon & Maroney poster is based on — hint, it has to do with the original Jenna.

There’s official Liz Lemon stationary and script pages lying around (I would kill for one of those as a memento). And Tina talks about her favorite scene to shoot in Liz Lemon’s office.

Check out that and many more videos about the final season of ’30 Rock’ above. TC Mark

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