And Now Here’s A Video Pep Talk From An Adorable Child In A Suit


Are you feeling down? Do you need a pep talk from a mini-Barack Obama? Soulpancake’s Kid President is a feisty, fun child who does videos for the site. This most recent one is an inspiring bit of wisdom in a tiny package.

Soulpancake is a web project by Rainn Wilson, aka Dwight on ‘The Office’ and Kid President is a little black boy who makes videos interviewing celebrities like Josh Groban and Andrew WK and musing on life from a positive, cute stand point.

Do you worry about how your life is going? Do you aspire to be awesome? Do you need a little kick in the pants to motivate you to keep going? Let Kid President give you a speech for the ages. This video make me laugh, smile, tear up and just totally made my day. Very life-affirming, guys.

Watch the video above and instantly feel 10x better about yourself. It’s delightful. TC Mark

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