AHHHH SO CUTE: Here's Your 2013 Puppy Bowl Line Up

Guys. I love dogs. I don’t know if I’ve made this clear but they are the best. The Today Show has the line up for the 2013 Puppy Bowl and I’ve been looking at the slideshow all morning. This post is just gonna be pictures of dogs. If this is a problem for you…I don’t know, seek professional help because I can’t fix you.

So while some people think Sunday is reserved for the Superbowl, we smart people know there’s just one bowl for us: the annual Puppybowl! This year’s line up looks adorable.

Look at these dogs! Here are some of my bets for the winner, just by looking them over briefly and you know, checking their fun facts and stats:


Today Show

Look at his little eyes! So beady and cute!


Today Show

Look at this happy puppy. She looks like she’s smiling.


Today Show

Oh, droopy dog. Your ears are the droopiest.


Today Show

OMGGGGG with this one. Can I have him?


Today Show



Today Show

I love a dog with a good tiny, scrunched up face.


Today Show

His bio says he’s good at snuggling and I want to take this guy for a cuddle test drive.


Today Show

Classic head tilt. Ah!


Today Show

What a jumpy, silly, adorable little guy. He looks so fun!

Just go look at all of them! Who’s going to win the Puppy Bowl? TC Mark

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