What Would ‘Seinfeld’ Be Like Today?


Ever wonder what Seinfeld episodes would be like today? Of course you do. You’re a reasonable, cool person.

Here’s your answer: A HILARIOUS twitter feed called @SeinfeldToday is full of episode ideas for a modern Seinfeld, using podcasts, Grindr, the Apple store, JDate and Girls. It’s so spot-on, it’s insane. I wish these were real episodes. Why are they not real episodes?

Check out some of the episode idea tweets below and on Seinfeld Today, then see if you can write your own. (It’s real fun.)

[tweet https://twitter.com/SeinfeldToday/status/278172711472222209 align=’center’]

And, yada yada yada…

PS: In case you were wondering if he was indeed a brilliant genius, the idea apparently stemmed from TC regular Josh Gondelman’s delightful mind. TC Mark

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