The Colbert Report Creates The Downton Abbey/Breaking Bad Crossover We All Wanted

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Christmas has come early, TV fans!

How many times have we sat watching Breaking Bad thinking, “This show is good, but like, how good would it be with some 1910-20s countesses, am I right?” Think it no more, commoners! The Colbert Report has created the Downton Abbey/Breaking Bad crossover we all wanted to see.

Spurned by jealousy that Michelle Obama was given access to the new season of Downton early, Colbert decides to get the men of the show to give his audience a taste of future episodes of Breaking Bad. The British trio ends up brewing “meth tea” and well, things get hairy from there.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to become “the tea kingpin of Yorkshire?” Er, wait. This is already too confusing.

Just watch and enjoy. It’s hilariously brilliant. Almost as good as the cast of Downton riding the subway together, which is also a real thing that happened. TC Mark

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