The Best Ben Wyatt Moments From Parks and Recreation

“Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster” may just be the best succinct description of a TV character in a long while. But when Ben Wyatt of Parks and Recreation gets nervous on a local Pawnee chat show, he totally breaks down. Ben Wyatt was a late edition to the cast. He started out as a bug-a-boo thorn in Leslie’s side and became her beautiful, hilarious, nerdy fiance. We loved to hate the “boy mayor” and now we just love him.

Doesn’t hurt that Adam Scott’s a QT pie. So here are some of the best Ben Wyatt moments.

Ben doesn’t get Little Sebastian

Little Sebastian is a tiny horse that all of Pawnee basically worships. Ben soon becomes Little Sebastian’s biggest fan…only he’s faking it. His asides to the camera about feeling crazy for not “getting” Little Sebastian were some of the first moments where I started to really find Ben hilarious.

Ben loves calzones

Ben loves calzones. When he’s depressed he even tries to invent a low-cal calzone, but unfortunately Ben seems to ignore that pizza is a thing. A much better thing.

Treat yourself, Batman!


On Treat Yo’self Day, Donna and Tom try to take Ben out for a day of spas and shopping to lift his mood only to realize that Ben’s version of treating himself is different from theirs. While they treat themselves to cashmere and chocolate, Ben wants one thing: a full-on Batman suit. Gotham needs him!

Ben thinks “nerd” is mainstream


Ben might just be the best nerdy character on TV. He’s not a caricature or too over-the-top and he always defends nerd culture in the perfect ways, whether it’s Batman or Game of Thrones. Ugh, it’s just the best.

Drunk Ben


When everyone gets drunk on rat poison aka Snake Juice, we see what everyone’s bizarro drunk personalities are. When the camera cuts to Ben, he’s just smiling like an idiot. Then, he says “Bababooey!” and makes a very satisfied face. Uh, sure, Ben… Makes total sense.

Ben Wyatt! Out!

While Leslie might be the more competitive one in the relationship, Ben certainly has his moments. One of those comes during Model UN when he and Leslie clash over their competing countries. Leslie says some harsh words about murdering Ben in front of his weeping mother, but Ben gets the last word by dropping the mic. Ben Wyatt, out!

Ben writes Star Trek fanfic


Oh and it’s slash. Enough said.

What are some of your favorite Ben Wyatt moments? Let’s nerd out on this adorable little nerd. TC Mark

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