Chronic Gamer Girl Cracks On Your Fave Video Games

Video games aren’t just for guys and Lana Del Rey.

Check out this new web series with the hilarious Ilana Glazer, where she plays video games and comments on them in really strange ways. I kind of suspect she’s high in these because A) “Chronic” in the title and B) the way she eats cookies and chips and pickles and chocolate while playing. (Although hey, maybe the girl likes snacks. Can’t judge that.) Either way, her commentary is super funny and doesn’t just stick to the games. It rambles off into random topics like politics, porn, pop culture — all the P’s — all while Ilana tries to win at various old-school and new video games. She’s not an expert, and watching her figure it out is so funny.

Ilana is so natural funny and fun to watch and the video game aspect just makes it ten times better. Here are the episodes. Watch them! I know you’re home with your families and bored as hell by now.

Super Mario World


Mario Kart 64


Alfred Chicken


Zelda: Link To The Past


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


As Ilana says in the Zelda episode, “So many people are gonna watch this and be like, ‘What a f**king idiot.'” Suggest a game for Ilana to play! TC Mark

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