Adorable Woman On Subway Meets Jay-Z, Has No Idea Who He Is

I’ve always had this fantasy of meeting someone wildly famous and pretending I don’t know who they are. It’s not a malicious wish. I mostly just think it’s the only way I could get someone that cool to also find me intriguing and charming. (I realize this is totally misguided, maybe.) But this video of Jay-Z and an adorable woman on the subway makes me think maybe my idea isn’t so crazy after all.

Case in point: Jay-Z’s short Youtube documentary Where I’m From, which chronicles the eight shows he played at the new Brooklyn Barclay’s Center. On a subway crushing with people wanting to get a gander at him, (I mean, can I live?!) Jay takes some time to chat with a sweet white-haired woman who asks, “Are you famous?” That’s right: 1) Jay takes the subway and 2) this cherub of a lady has no idea who he is. It’s legit too much.

HOVA seems tickled. He humbly introduces himself and she’s delighted to hear that he makes music and is doing shows in Brooklyn (and she’s also impressed he’s taking the subway)! As some eagle-eyed Interneters pointed out, the woman is an NYC artist named Ellen Grossman. No wonder she was delighted that Jay’s a musician. They’re both artists!

The video’s already gone crazy viral and been gif-ed to oblivion. Probably due to the cuteness and also the fact that most people would poop on sight if they met Jay-Z. (Just me? Come on! He’s Hov! He’s married to Beyonce! He’s the new Sinatra!) And this lady is all, “Tell me your name again so I remember.”

Can you imagine her re-telling this story to her kids? She’s like your cool aunt who met Mick Jagger at a party in the 70s and he told her she was pretty, except this is now! 2012! Gah, it’s all so sweet I need a root canal after watching.

PS: Killer Jean-Michel Basquiat T-shirt, Jay. I actually had “Basquiat” as the name for your potential baby in a Bey/Jay baby name pool. I lost to Blue Ivy, which come on, no one saw coming. TC Mark

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