The First New Carrie Trailer And Also Remakes Bum Me Out


Okay so here’s the first trailer for the new Carrie remake starring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore.


Two things:

1. I love Julianne Moore. Love her. She is wonderful.

2. I LOVE Carrie. I spent one college winter break with the flu on my parents’ couch while my mom brought me every Stephen King book from the library to keep me occupied. Once I’d finished those (guys, I was doing nothing for two weeks!), she rented me all the movie adaptations. My favorite of King’s books was Carrie. Never in my life had I stayed up all night, terrified under my covers, unable to stop reading. That book is scary. And believe me, I used to be all, “Come on, how can a BOOK be scary?” But it is. It is SO freaking scary. You just lie there turning page after page, more and more horrified by what’s happening until the end punches you in the gut.

I also LOVE the movie version of Carrie. It’s so creepy. The performances in it are just wild. It’s directed by Brian de Palma. Sissy Spacek is unlike any human I’d ever seen. The mom, played by Piper Laurie, is terrifying. The real-life horrors of puberty overtones are very intense and cringe-worthy. (DIRTY PILLOWS!) The whole movie is so ’70s and amazing. (How ’70s, you might ask? It’s the “introduction” of John Travolta. That’s how ’70s.) Anyway, here’s the original trailer:


I am conflicted! Remakes generally bum me out. Why can’t people just go and get the original and watch that? Why does there need to be another, more modern version of every movie that’s ever happened?

Plus, I love Chloe Moretz but have you SEEN Sissy Spacek? She is so weird-looking, it’s almost hard to watch her. She looks otherworldly and that’s why this part worked so well for her. Chloe Moretz does not look like that. Even in the trailer, they don’t really do a lot to make her have that same vibe and feel that made Spacek’s Carrie so iconic.

King also has said he has nothing to do with this remake (possibly because he’s too busy to care about people adapting his books anymore). I don’t know. Mixed feelings. I want to like this but I think it’s not gonna be good. What do you guys think? TC Mark

image – Carrie

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