10 TV Pairings That Should Have Hooked Up

Remember when everyone wanted Mulder and Scully to get it on? One of the best parts of getting really into a TV show is following the sexual tension between a couple you’re really invested in. Sometimes those people actually do hook up and you’re like, “Called it! Sweet!” But sometimes, the couple that seems really obvious to you eludes the writers of the show.

That’s how I feel about these little TV pairs. In an alternate universe, I’d like to see these characters hook up. In their current incarnations and current storylines, obviously it would never work. That’s why fanfiction exists! And also this list!

So here it is: ten couples that never hooked up, or never will hook up, but should have!

1. Abed and Annie – Community


Now that Troy has Britta, seems only right to explore the unresolved tension between Annie and Abed. I mean, how long can she be hung up on Jeff? Annie and Abed first became sort of plausible when he was playing Don Draper and they almost kissed and then again when they were role-playing Star Wars and had a little make-out sesh. Why can they only express themselves through pop culture? (Oh, because that’s Abed’s whole deal.) Sure, they’re roommates and besties but they totally get each other and it’d be really cute. Double dates with Britta and Troy! Aw!

2. Sherlock and John Watson – Sherlock


A contentious choice, but how great would this hook up be? Pretty sure it’ll never happen but oh man, their relationship would be the weirdest and somehow make the most sense. John would always be flustered and cutely annoyed and Sherlock would be all oblivious and clinical. The last episode definitely proved they love each other deeply as friends and all the gay jokes would finally come to fruition. (I ship it!)

3. April and Ben – Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation

In real life, no one wants to see this happen! April is happily married to her soulmate Andy and Ben and Leslie are the cutest couple ever, but the chemistry between Ben and April since they left for DC together has been off the charts. Now that they’re the two isolated members of the cast in a whole new location, most of their plots revolve around each other, and Adam Scott and Aubrey Plaza are adorable together. Ben really makes April laugh. April terrifies Ben, but gets him to come out of his nerdy shell. They’re playing it like a sibling relationship, but it’s kind of coming across more sexual tension-y. Oops?

4. Benson and Stabler – Law and Order: SVU

Law and Order:SVU

Whyyyyy did Stabler kiss that other stupid woman who was his partner? I hate it! The love between him and Benson is so trueeeeee. Okay, JK. But seriously, yes he was married. No, I didn’t want him to leave his wife. But man! These two! So perfect! So much understanding and caring and compassion and fire! Such a shame they never boned.

5. Blair and Serena – Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

In the books, it’s implied that Blair and Serena do hook up on occasion but in the show, it seems obvious these two should give up on their silly boy drama and get with each other. Why all the back-stabbing and sleeping with each other’s exes? Are there no other boys in the Upper East Side? Seems like transference or something. Stop hatin’ ladies and get to kissin’.

6. Audrey and Dale – Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

Cockblocked by the show itself! This couple was seemingly meant to be, until Kyle MacLachlan expressed concerns about an FBI agent hooking up with a teenage girl. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, Kyle! Audrey and Dale went from RED HOT and the most tantalizing couple on the show (remember when she showed up naked in his hotel room? YOWZA.) to hardly speaking to each other and having other love interests. It was total bull crap, just like most of the second season anyway.

7. Ten and Rose – Doctor Who

Doctor Who

This is another complicated one that maybe shouldn’t have happened, but by the end, seemed inevitable. Sure, the Doctor is a flirt and sure, he likes his female companions but the chemistry between Billie Piper and David Tennant was insane. The Doctor isn’t really supposed to be a sexual being, but the sparks between him and Rose were so…human. Not everyone ships this (it’s actually a sore subject for some fans) but I definitely saw potential here despite everything. And what a bittersweet end for them both. Oof.

8. Mal and Inara – Firefly


I don’t personally ship this but I know tons of people do. I found Mal disrespectful to Inara on many occasions although their defenders say it was out of jealousy and affection. Inara worked as a companion (a futuristic prostitute) and Mal, the ship’s captain, was less than pleased about that. When River reads their minds though it’s clear they each hoped the other would confess their feelings. Unfortunately, the couple was stalemated by the show’s untimely end. (This show was full of ships by the way. And not just Serenity. Like, endless hook up potential.)

9. Seth and Ryan – The OC

The OC

BIGGEST SHIP OF MY LIFE. Seth and Ryan eventually ended up with women that suited them perfectly, but you can’t tell me Seth wasn’t always a little bit into Ryan in a sexy way. Just his face in the pilot episode when he first sees him is epic. They were brothers in a sense, but it always seemed deeper than that. Like Seth couldn’t believe Ryan was really in his life and Ryan needed Seth to keep him grounded. They made each other better people and they would have been a super sweet, opposites-attract couple. Adorable.

10. Shawn and Topanga – Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World

All aboard the controversy train! Remember that one episode where they have to kiss in a movie or something and Cory loses his mind? I know Cory and Topanga are TRUE LOVE 4EVA~ but how hot would Shawn and Topanga have been? What a good-looking couple, right? You’re telling me they never thought about it? They totally thought about it! I feel bad thinking about it! But hey, that’s what this list was all about, right? Hotness over morality! TC Mark

image – The OC

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