10 Pictures From Your Broken Cell Phone You Will Miss The Most

Your phone is broken. Smashed. Dead forever. RIP. Have a funeral for it and move on. They were able to save your contacts but they were not able to save your photos. All your photos are gone, from years and years of snapping away. Which ones would you miss the most?

This happened to me, with a phone with over 200 photos on it, last year. At the time, I made a list of the photos I would miss the most. Take a look at your photos on your phone. Scroll back and start at the beginning. They tell a little story don’t they? Different people come in and out of them. Different cities. Different lovers. Different friends. You remember things you wanted to show friends, funny signs you wanted share with Twitter, weird people you saw on the train.

These are the ten I wrote down that I’d miss. In the comments, list the ten from your phone you’d miss the most if you lost. Don’t give too much context. It’s more fun this way.

10. My friend Nick reading the back of a gay porn DVD while wearing a towel on his head. (Summer 2010)

9. My ex and I, before we were dating, in front of a cool fractured bugs-eye mirror at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Was my phone background for a year. (Spring 2011)

8. A strawberry pie I ate in Los Angeles. Sent to my ex. (Summer 2011)

7. My mom and my now-deceased grandfather smiling in front of her birthday cake just before she blew out the candles. (Fall 2010)

6. Behind the scenes of my improv troupe photo shoot. Myspace-style pic of me in the bathroom wearing a fancy black dress and pearls. Sent to Twitter. (Winter 2011)

5. My then-2-year-old nephew making a grumpy face. (Winter 2010)

4. A heinous bruise on my thigh I sustained falling down the stairs to the laundromat near my old building during a thunderstorm. Sent to everyone. (Spring 2010)

3. A stalker picture I took of a girl who looks just like my friend’s ex. Sent to my female friends. (Winter 2010)

2. The New York City skyline from Central Park at night during light snowfall. Taken New Year’s Day. (Winter 2011)

1. A Chinese food menu misspelling of the phrase “veg options available” to say “vag options available.” Sent to mostly everyone. Because…come on. (Summer 2011)

Now you go! TC Mark

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