The 10 Worst Fictional Girlfriends

1. Lady MacBeth – MacBeth

George Cattermole

Oh man. Lady MacBeth is a doozy of a bad girlfriend. She poisons her husband’s mind into murdering just about everyone and is totally power-hungry. I find Lady MacBeth to be an awesome Shakespearean character but as a wife? Look the eff out. This snake is loitering under a flower ready to ruin your life.

2. Alex Forrest – Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

The ultimate bad girlfriend — or well, she’s not really a girlfriend, she’s totally just a fling — except she doesn’t think so. That’s right. She’s a one-night-stand gone about as wrong as it can go. Not only does Alex go after Michael Douglas’ family, she also goes after his pets: poor bunny.

3. Daisy Buchanan – The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Daisy is shallow and indecisive. She toys with Gatsby’s heart and is only impressed with his riches and new-found prestige. Granted her husband is cheating on her, but she’s also cheating on him! She also abandons her daughter in favor of her frivolity and romantic adventures. When it comes to dating, you need someone more sure, for sure.

4. Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Katniss is a great leader but a terrible girlfriend. That’s because she’s not interested in being one really, which is totally cool. I never understood why the books played up a non-existent love triangle between her, Peeta and Gale. I don’t think she was ever into being Gale’s girlf and her love for Peeta sort of comes out of nowhere, in my opinion. Anyway, she’s not really there mentally for her partner and sort of marries Peeta just because. But she’s an awesome person, so who cares, right?

5. Heidi – Old School

Old School

This was such a memorable scene: Luke Wilson comes home to find his girlfriend tied up with a video camera — and then a blindfolded couple comes out of the woodwork. If you’re a girlfriend having random orgies while your boyfriend is away…consider maybe not having a boyfriend. Yikes.

6. Judith – Saving Silverman

Saving Silverman

Judith is such a bad girlfriend, she requires an entire movie of two dudes trying to save their friend from marrying her. That’s how bad she is. She makes him get butt implants, she doesn’t satisfy him sexually but expects him to service her (that stuff’s a two-way street, come on), and she makes him quit his band and get all new friends. She’s like a caricature of a bad girlfriend (part of why I’ve never been down with this movie) but the list would be incomplete without her.

7. Kate – Lost


She’s a con artist, a manipulator and a selfish brat. She jumps between Sawyer and Jack and is never really able to commit to either, instead using their love for her to better her own situation. Like most people on the island, she’s not a good egg but she’s certainly not a good girlfriend despite everyone wanting her to be theirs.

8. Jan – The Office

The Office

I don’t like to throw around the word “crazy” but here it’s definitely appropriate. Jan starts out as a high-powered, together businesswoman and somewhere along the way, she loses her mind, starts dating Michael and then moves into his apartment, is weird to him sexually and becomes a lay-about nothing spending all of Michael’s money. Not a good girlfriend situation.

9. Julie – Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky

Again, a woman scorned but Julianna takes their break up a little too far. Tom Cruise just found someone new, lady. Calm yourself. There’s no need to drive off a cliff and kill yourself and him. Mostly I just like when she yells, “I’ve swallowed your come!” at him. So he’s a bad hook up buddy and she’s a little too intense. Bad combo.

10. Regina George – Mean Girls

Mean Girls

Evil takes human form in Regina George, says our heroine Cady, and that proves to be mostly true. Regina only wants Aaron Samuel when she thinks Cady wants him and then treats him like an accessory. She also cheats on him in the projector room over the auditorium. She’s self-involved and entitled and treats her boyfriends like poop just because she’s hot. That’s one mean girl…friend. TC Mark

image – The Office

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