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This Song Making Fun Of Instagram Is Perfect

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Goddamn it, I have funny friends. I mean, I’m sure you do too but trust me, mine are funnier.

Two of my favorite ladies, Broadway miss Julia Mattison and Thought Catalog’s own Sydney Nikols star in this HILARIOUS parody song about the prolific Instagrammers in your life.

Sepia tone dog poop? Lo-fi brunch? Amaro toast? Toaster armadillos? I WANT EVERYTHING TO LOOK RETRO NOW PLEASE.

In one catchy tune, these funny hotties nail the ridiculousness of those with their heads in their iPhones, Instagramming instead of living. You won’t be able to get this adorable song out of your head. I recommend sending it to the person you know who won’t stop snapping photos of their avocado salad with a big ol’ “JUST STOP IT” subject line.

BONUS: In college, I made a parody music video with these girls that went somewhat viral because of the title. First person to find it wins. TC Mark

image – The Instagram Song
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