Help! I Am Addicted To These iPhone Apps

1. Qrank

Qrank is a daily trivia app that lets you compete against your friends in both general trivia and current events trivia. I LOVE trivia. If you’re doing trivia somewhere I want to play. If you’re even just like, sitting around watching Jeopardy!, I will drop what I’m doing and be there in 30 seconds or less. So basically, Qrank is my Qrack.

The problem is this app only lets you play once a day so as soon as I’m done playing, I feel let down. I want to play again! But the app won’t let me. It restarts every day at 1 a.m. I have legit stayed awake until then just to start a new game. I’ve gotten a bunch of my friends hooked on it too and now a typical conversation consists of: “Hey, did you know Isaac Asimov died of AIDS?” “Well, I didn’t until today’s Qrank.” “Oh, that’s where I learned it too.” “Oh.”

It has taken over my life.

2. SongPop

SongPop, though, has no such limit. You can play that baby alllll day long. SongPop is like an app version of “Name That Tune.” It plays a snippet of a song and you have to quickly guess what song it is or which artist it’s by.

You can play against friends or against strangers for as long as you want, and you can have as many simultaneous games going as your pretty little ears can handle. Each time you beat your opponent you win “coins” which you can use to buy more songs or more categories of songs. So you start out with boring ones like “Classic Rock” or “80s Collection” but then you can buy “Movie Soundtracks,” or “Punk” or “TV Theme Songs” and things really get fun.

The better you get at a category, the more stars you get next to your name about that music genre. The rewards keep on coming; like me, you can play so much you become a VIP with new music and longer song clips. I’m winning nothing in the real world and everything in SongPop.

3. My Days

This is for those of us who get our periods, but I just got this new app called My Days and it’s kind of changing my life. It’s a calendar that lets you track your ovulation and periods so you know exactly when you’re going to start bleeding. But it’s more than that. I can mark down days I may get pimples or days I’ll be in a bad mood. It’s great for being on top of my schedule but it’s also good for getting to know my own body better.

Before I had this app, I spent 24 years constantly surprised by my period in various day-ruining ways. Now, I have a way better handle on it. I’m able to prepare and deal accordingly because of friendly little updates on my phone. It’s actually kind of empowering.

4. Alien Blue

If you like Reddit, you know how addicting it can be. Now imagine you’re able to easily peruse Reddit on the go. How enabling. Once I realized I could navigate Reddit using Alien Blue, all bets were off.

If I’m on my phone in public killing time, you can be sure I’m on Alien Blue.

5. Gifture

Gifture is the gif version of Instagram. You can take 10 seconds of footage and add a filter and make your own awesome little gif. It operates almost exactly like Instagram, saving in an album that your friends can see. You can also see and use your friends’ gifs.

It’s nice to go back through and see little moving pictures of your friends and family — it’s almost like the photos from Harry Potter. I prefer Gifture gifs to my boring still camera pics.

So what apps are you addicted to? Not that I’m gonna download them necessarily. I need more apps like Swiss cheese needs holes, like Youtube needs more cat videos, or like Taylor Swift needs Grammys. TC Mark

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