The Funniest Stand Up Comedy Bits About Food

Is it hack to talk about food? I don’t care. Food jokes are hilarious to me and I like almost all of them. If you can spin stand up comedy gold out of something as general as food? I am in.

Since I’m hungry today, I thought I’d compile the best comedy bits about food for your listening and viewing pleasure. Enjoy them while eating a bowl of pasta or a plate of chicken or hell, even an old Jolly Rancher you found behind your bed. These jokes are hilarious and delicious.

Patton Oswalt – KFC Bowl


Patton Oswalt has the ultimate food joke. If you haven’t heard him talk about the KFC bowl, treat yourself.

Jim Gaffigan – Hot Pockets


Jim Gaffigan is the KING of jokes about food. On the top of his bejeweled and fried throne is the Hot Pocket joke to end all food jokes. Just watch any of Gaffigan’s stand up if you want to hear about eating, but for the ultimate in a buffet of wonderful, check out the Hot Pocket bit.

Ellen DeGeneres – Airline Food


A tired topic made awesome and charming by a hilarious lady. Airline food is the worst, guys! I’m so glad comedy was here to tell us this basic truth.

Gary Gulman – Cookies & Grapefruit



Gary Gulman can make jokes about literally anything but his bits about grapefruit and sugar cookies go far beyond where you think any comedian can take “mundane” topics. Oh you thought there was nothing funny to say about fruit salad? You’d be wrong.

Maria Bamford – Cooking


Maria Bamford is worried about Paula Deen’s use of sugar and butter. She also can’t cook. Her miming of spraying cheese and box wine into her mouth at the same time is sadly my life.

Brian Regan – PB&J


Brian Regan is known for being a clean comic so writing jokes about food seems about right. These two bits about peanut butter and jelly being in the same jar, and about a lady working at a donut shop are two of the best off his Live! CD.

Wanda Sykes – Carbs

Cutting carbs sucks. It’s the worst. Wanda Sykes breaks down why she can never listen to her trainer and get rid of carbs in her diet. Can’t embed, so go here.

Paul F. Tompkins – Stromboli & Pie Vs. Cake & Peanut Brittle




Stromboli might be my favorite joke ever ever ever. I am obsessed with it. I love PFT so much and have met him and he follows me on Twitter so…pretty neat. (I also dressed as him for Halloween and called myself “Girl F. Tompkins.” This love runs deep.) But anyway, here’s his greatest food bit. And also another great one called Cake Vs. Pie from his new album, Freak Wharf. And ah, here’s another called Peanut Brittle. Just go buy his albums.

Kyle Kinane – Cheddar Bay Biscuits

I can’t embed this from Comedy Central so here you go. Kyle Kinane is hilarious. His story about joining the FB fan page of Cheddar Bay Biscuits the day Michael Jackson died is so specific and well-written and weird. Is this a sign of the end of days? Probably.

Aziz Ansari – Cold Stone Creamery


One of Aziz Ansari’s most popular bits is about the bizarre cult of Cold Stone Creamery. “They take ice cream and they go apeshit with it,” he says. Waaaay too intense.

Pete Holmes – Adults Eating Candy


Pete Holmes is about to have a late night show following Conan so pretty soon everyone’s gonna know about him, but back in the day he was an underground treasure. His bit about adults who eat candy is so silly and funny. How can someone eating a Fireball give real estate advice?

Dave Chappelle – Chicken and Grape Drink


Not shy about tackling racial stereotypes, Dave Chappelle breaks down the different food choices of different races. And why that’s not a good reason to hate anybody. (I mean, duh, who hates chicken?)

Hannibal Buress – Pickle Juice


You ever spray pickle juice on a sandwich? Hannibal Buress has. It’s not weird! It adds flavor. Don’t throw it away! He was saving that pickle juice. Jerk!

Janeane Garofalo – Evil Cake

“YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THAT CAKE HERE!” Why are women so afraid of cake? Janeane Garofalo posits this bit as a riff, but it’s too funny not to be a thought out joke. It also won’t let me embed so here’s the link.

Louis CK – Cinnabon


Louis CK is great at self-deprecating humor so why not make fun of his addiction to Cinnabon sticky buns? For those that don’t understand the allure of cinnamon buns? Stay away. Stay far away. TC Mark

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