Fangirl Time: Doctor Who Series 7 Trailer Has Dinos And Daleks

All eyes turn to England as excitement bubbles! The news from London is causing cheers and flailing worldwide. There’s palpable tension as people try to guess what’s going to happen next.

No. I’m not talking about the Olympics.


This is probably just for me and like, five other people on this website but I don’t give a flying Davros.


As River Song would say,

Okay, so we all know this is the last series we’re going to have with the Ponds which is sad, but also I feel like it’s time to move on to a new companion. That being said, I was so happy to see Rory’s face in the opening that I squealed.

So. Many. Daleks. Good lord. It’s a stadium of Daleks.

“Dinosaurs on a spaceship!”

Transformers! Rupert Graves from Sherlock! Egyptians! Times Square!

I always like seeing The Doctor lose his cool — it really highlights the purpose of the companions, which is to emphasize his humanity (for lack of a better word). We know The Doctor is just going to be dropping in on Amy and Rory without the pair actually living in the TARDIS so perhaps all that time alone has really changed our dear Time Lord. He clearly needs his Earthly companions. I’m curious how the show will leave The Doctor and the Ponds.

Is that a baby Weeping Angel? CREEPY.

Dang, the Wild West? Snow-capped mountains? There’s a lot of new locations in this series. Remember when all we got were quarries in Wales and generic landscapes in Cardiff? Now look at us. So fancy, Steven Moffat. So fancy.

Stetsons. Still cool.

“Who killed all the Daleks?” “Who do you think?” GOOSEBUMPS.

Mostly, while I watched this trailer I was sad that I will never be a British actress and therefore never able to be cast as a companion. Total BS. Anyway Whovians, watch this trailer and die of excitement and then regenerate and then die again. If you want an in-depth analysis, there’s one here.

The new series starts in the fall. Unless you have a TARDIS, in which case, I guess it starts whenever you want. Geronimo! TC Mark

image – BBC

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