Daniel Day-Lewis Looks Amazing As Abraham Lincoln

I am a huge Abraham Lincoln fan. I love Lincoln. Remember the Arrested Development episode where George Michael says his teacher loves Saddam Hussein and Jason Bateman is like, “You mean, she’s interested in Saddam Hussein” and George Michael says, “Nope. She loves him.” This is how I am with Lincoln. I even read Bill O’Reilly’s stupid book about Lincoln, which was the worst. That’s how dedicated I am.

I also love Daniel Day-Lewis. Fellow TC writer Josh Gondelman and I once brainstormed an idea for a new holiday called Daniel Day-Lewis Day Lewis or Dia de Los Daniel Day-Lewis. It would be celebrated annually on his birthday and everyone would have to dress like a character from a Daniel Day-Lewis movie. There’d also be milkshakes and There Will Be Blood-y Marys and The Last of the Mojitos and Cakes of New York or something. And crazy straws. Everyone would have to drink each other’s milkshakes out of crazy straws.

Anyway, the point is: Daniel Day-Lewis is playing Lincoln in the upcoming Steven Spielberg (and lady hero Doris Kearns Goodwin!) film about Lincoln. It’s going to be so good.

The notorious method actor was spotted during filming eating at a diner in character as Lincoln. He looked pitch perfect then.


Yesterday, we got an official photo of Day Lewis as Lincoln from Entertainment Weekly. It looks amazing. Check it out here.

Holy Mary Todd. That is some likeness. I am psyched for this movie. Who wants to dress like Union soldiers and try to find a theater in Gettysburg showing it at midnight? TC Mark

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