53 Arrested Development Jokes You Might Have Missed

Do you love Arrested Development? Of course you do. You’re a living human. Comedy site Splitsider has cultivated the ultimate list of small Arrested Development jokes you might have missed the first time around. In case anyone had any doubt that this show was the most detailed and well-crafted joke machine ever on television, there are so many subtle gags and Easter eggs hidden in it.

Bradford Evans on Splitsider found 53 of them. Here’s some of the best:

1. Tobias is an albino black man

Arrested Development

The Arrested Development writers were known for using a lot of foreshadowing (think of all the references to Buster losing his arm to a seal, none of which will be included here because they’re well-documented elsewhere). One such plot development that the writers started to foreshadow but never followed through on was about Tobias being revealed to be a black man with a rare skin condition.

9. Michael refers to his employees as sheep in the episode “Staff Infection.”

Later on, when he means to send them to lunch, they accidentally board a bus that Lupe reserved for her family, which is labeled “Church of the Good Shepherd.” One of the employees who is always in the back of the group is wearing a black shirt (black sheep). Also in that same episode, when George-Michael finds the folder of his old school projects in Michael’s office, there’s an art project of a sheep made of cottonballs on top.

17. Hello, Annyong

Arrested Development, Season One

In “Afternoon Delight” when the banana stand is pulled out of the sea after being vandalized by teenagers, the graffiti is tough to read but it seems to say, “I’ll get u Bluths – Hello.” This is a full season before it’s revealed that Annyong’s real name is “Hel-loh” and that he is determined to get revenge on the Bluths.

19. Turtle Weed

Arrested Development, Season One

In “Afternoon Delight,” this image of a turtle appears on the packaging of Oscar’s marijuana, possibly foreshadowing the death of Buster’s turtle from eating Oscar’s marijuana one season later in “Prison Break-In.”

See the rest of them here. Have you found any more? I see new bits every time I re-watch the show. They seem to be endless, and always impressive.

In case you’re antsy for more AD, it looks like the new episodes and movie have started filming. I’m so excited that I blue myself. TC Mark

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