18 Things I Want

Unless I missed a new Miley Cyrus single, “18 Things I Want” is trending on Twitter right now for no particular reason. Usually, the only reason to pay attention to hashtag games is if the hilarious Todd Barry is participating in them ironically, but this one stuck out to me because I actually had a list just like this on my Tumblr months ago. (I am psychic! But just when it comes to Twitter hashtags! An ultimately useless power!)

I made that list on my blog after wondering if I could, without really thinking, come up with 18 things I wanted right at that moment. I thought of it as an enlightening exercise — that if I could just let my fingers drift and spill my desires, I could figure out what is actually important to me and what’s just noise. If I’m honest with myself, and I don’t think too hard, what is it I really want?

So let’s do it again. Don’t worry about looking outward or #firstworldproblems. Don’t worry about seeming shallow. Consider this an inward exploration of what you want, deep down, without the pressures and outside influences that are usually clogging everything up. Maybe you’ll find out something about yourself you didn’t already know.

Leave yours in comments! Just type and don’t over-analyze. Think of it as an exercise in Freud’s id. Go!

1. Unlimited coffee

2. An *NSync reunion tour

3. A Shazam app for smells

4. Cup holders on subway seats

5. Immediate cures for bug bites, pimples, sunburns

6. To know what I’m doing is the right thing

7. To write for a TV show/have someone care about my pilot

8. Someone to cuddle with who I feel actually wants me there

9. To know that I’m always treating people kindly/to not feel oblivious if someone is hurt by me

10. Ctrl+F for things in my room

11. Affordable birth control pills

12. To be able to rewrite the endings to movies I think are good but have bad endings (I have a particularly sweet rewritten ending for Cabin in The Woods if anyone wants to hear it. It’s really good.) Also, hmm. I guess I really want to write more scripts. Interesting.

13. A cooperative US political system

14. A wiener dog named “Wiener Dog” like on The Norm MacDonald Show

15. The ability to never have to pee

16. To shrink New York so everyone can live near each other and not have to worry about the train or to shrink the Earth so everyone can also live near each other and not have to travel to see family and friends.

17. To feel mentally healthy and physically healthy at the same time for once

18. World peace?? TC Mark

image – Helga Weber


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  • Jessica

    You can have #11 now. New laws just took effect — talk to your doc!

    • http://gravatar.com/juliatindell juliatindell

      Yeah! Check it out here:


      • http://gabydunnthoughtcatalog.wordpress.com Gaby Dunn

        Interesting! What if I don’t have insurance?

  • http://canIdecideanotherday.blogspot.com Teh Megan

    #15!!! YES! Peeing is sooo annoying! It requires so much work as a woman.

  • Alannah

    I thought #5 said immediate cures for bug bites, pimples and sideburns.

    • Jami

      hahahaha sometimes that’s what I want.

    • Leeza

      put banana peels on your bug bites it makes them less itchy and swollen :)

  • http://happyafterall.wordpress.com happyafterall

    Never have to give ANY tests

  • Jade

    I want to hear your alternative ending to Cabin in the Woods!

    • Maddy

      I second this. Cabin in the Woods is my hands-down favourite movie of all time and I can’t imagine it being any more perfect, so I am the most curious.

    • http://gabydunnthoughtcatalog.wordpress.com Gaby Dunn

      I don’t know if I’m remembering the way it ended correctly but in general, my idea was that the stoner would turn out to be the virgin and he’d have to kill the girl.

      Does that seem right? I thought the twist was gonna be that he was the virgin all along and she was the fool. I would have loved that twist.

  • Em

    1. To be with x
    2. To visit SF
    3. To visit Paris
    4. To be back at school
    5. To not have to leave home
    6. Twister fries from McDonald’s
    7. Better alcohol tolerance
    8. For Facebook to stop being so buggy
    9. To kill Timeline and go back to the old layout
    10. To Skype with x
    11. Better writing skills
    12. Cadbury milk chocolate mmmm
    13. A manicure
    14. A pedicure
    15. Hairless legs
    16. For my feet to stop aching after wearing heels
    17. The courage to want to know the things I don’t wanna know
    18. A foot massage ’cause goddamn my feet really hurt

    • Jami

      If I had a genie and could wish one thing, I think you just gave the answer to me: hairless legs. Also, just stop wearing heels?

      • Em

        I know that’s the logical thing to do, but some occasions just call for them. :) I think they’re nice once in a while. Maybe if I wore them more, I’d get used to the feeling and it wouldn’t hurt as much? Or not? I wouldn’t know hahaha

      • H

        Nooo don’t do that, you’ll get horrendous, painful bunions. Once in a while is better! :)

      • Shatha_A

        Heels are great, just wear the right size the right time check the link below and always rock them girl :)


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  • meg

    Hey I want to hear your alternate Cabin In The Woods ending! plz?

    • http://gabydunnthoughtcatalog.wordpress.com Gaby Dunn

      I don’t know if I’m remembering the way it ended correctly but in general, my idea was that the stoner would turn out to be the virgin and he’d have to kill the girl.

      Does that seem right? I thought the twist was gonna be that he was the virgin all along and she was the fool.

  • ET

    Ctrl+Z for life

    • http://gravatar.com/lealana AL


  • joycenancy

    Cabin in the Woods ending. We need to hear it. What could possibly beat smoking a joint while the world ends? (Answer: a lot of things.) Please tell us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/samelawrence Sam E. Lawrence

    1. Unlimited flights on demand to anywhere in the world.
    2. A reliable car.
    3. To produce a hip-hop album with David Bowie.
    4. Perfect vision.
    5. 6-pack abs
    6. A custom tuxedo
    7. To know I’ll be a good father.
    8. To made a video game where every enemy is Tom Cruise.
    9. A Basset Hound puppy that stays a puppy forever.
    10. To know how to skateboard.
    11. A better knowledge of wines.
    12. Every line of Shakespeare memorized.
    13. To meet the queen.
    14. A relationship with someone whose family likes me.
    15. A world where people truly think for themselves.
    16. To truly think for myself more.
    17. Fluency in every language.
    18. Just one more wish.

    • Lai

      “To know I’ll be a good father.”

      If you spend time worrying about this, I’d say chances are you will be a good father. :)

    • Shatha_A

      “Just one more wish”… PERFECT

  • http://littlelor.wordpress.com littlelor

    1. A job
    2, Freedom
    3. To volunteer in South America
    4. To volunteer in Africa
    5. To be able to fall in love
    6. To sleep in an igloo
    7. To sleep in a treehouse
    8. A tortoise
    9. Bravery to travel for longer
    10. A car
    11. My own place
    12. To be valued
    13. To write a book
    14. Magical powers
    15. Happiness
    16. To run a marathon
    17. Fat free chocolate
    18. Unlimited Italian Ice-cream

    • Jess

      Are you me?!

  • Liana

    1. To not have to pay back my student loans.
    2. To not have to worry about money.
    3. For money to become irrelevant.
    4. For my speeding ticket to magically disappear.
    5. Magic roads that take you wherever it is you want to go in about an hour.
    6. For my boyfriend to not be so far away.
    7. To win the lottery.
    8. Never have to really work.
    9. To get my masters in case #8 doesn’t work out.
    10. A huge cupcake, 90% frosting 10% cake.
    11. To be 15 pounds lighter.
    12. To never randomly get knocked up.
    13. For my parents to let me go, but still pay for my bills.
    14. To travel the world with my boyfriend.
    15. Go to Disney World.
    16. Central A/C.
    17. My laptop.
    18. A never ending refreshing wardrobe.

    • AJ

      That cupcake could just never work. There’s not enough cake to fit the frosting onto. Also, it’d be sooo sickly!

      • Lai

        @ AJ — who cares that cupcake sounds fucking delicious

  • Jami

    1. For SFMTA to stop finding reasons to ticket me.
    2. More energy after work/dinner/dishes.
    3. A running inner dialogue to the likes of Kurt Vonnegut as I observe the world.
    4. A nearby friend who has a small child.
    5. To finally make it to my last 2 states.
    6. Calorie-free Nutella that tastes exactly the same.
    7. For my boyfriend to want to tandem bike with me.
    8. The will power to work instead of reading TC all the damn time.
    9. For Mitt Romney to somehow slip the word ‘splooge’ into a response to a reporter.
    10. A full orchestra to play along with me when I sing in the shower.
    11. Teleportation ability.
    12. Transmogrification ability.
    13. To remove the idea that ‘tolerance’ is synonymous with ‘respect’.
    14. Bangs that don’t need trimming every effing day.
    15. A pet duckling.
    16. A faucet that spouts Jamba Juice.
    17. To have read the OED.
    18. Cheese.

    • http://gravatar.com/bridge0814 Bridget

      #3. Yes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/julia.scholz.1704 Julia

      10. – Absolutely.

  • Nicole

    1 to love and be loved
    2 A car that never needs to be fixed
    3 To walk for months in the woods
    4 Freedom to travel where money isn’t an issue
    5 My cat to come back
    6 To be strong and physically fit
    7 cigarettes that aren’t bad for me
    8 an ipod charger that never gets lost
    9 a cure for razor burn
    10 a job that I love
    11 for my brother to be happy
    12 to never grow up
    13 to be anxiety free
    14 a big piece of land in the woods
    15 a sailboat
    16 a mute button for drama queens
    17 clothes that grow/shrink with me
    18 to have a pretty singing voice

    • georgie

      YES, it’s like you read my mind, except for the razor burn one maybe, I don’t know what that is…

  • JEK

    Forget peeing, NO MORE PERIODS

    • http://kelly-burgess.com Kelly

      We’ve got pills for that, yo.

  • Mo

    1) Coffee…just available to me all of the time…every second…BAMN, it’s there. Triple grande skinny peppermint latte.
    2) The ability to teleport/apparate.
    3) For mythical places/creatures/people to be REAL.
    4) To know that I’m making the right decisions.
    5) To own the biggest shoe collection in the world…but I don’t want anyone to know about it.
    6) To play the guitar…or cello…or piano…just be musically talented in general. I’ll just play ’em all.
    7) To lucid dream every night…so much nicer to dream what you want.
    8) For someone to pay my student loans. Ugh.
    9) To move to a different country for an undetermined period of time…or just make a point to world travel consistently.
    10) To go to school forever…have 15 different degrees and no real-life job (assuming #8 is still in place).
    11) Have no consequences to eating whatever I want.
    12) To always have something or someone in my life that keeps me motivated and determined to constantly make myself a better person.
    13) To figure out the significance of every little relationship you make, whether it be one minute or forever…what did meeting that person mean to your life in that very moment?#Deep
    14) Skittles. I just can’t get enough of them.
    15) To help people. To make a difference in someone’s life. The kind of difference where you don’t even know you’ve had some kind of intense effect on someone’s life.
    16) To have my skydiving license and do it regularly.
    17) To not get incredibly awkward when I have to speak in front of a ton of people.
    18) To love life.

    • http://www.kristenelle.com Kristenelle

      Damnit #2! How could I have left this out of my own list

    • Leila

      apparating! yes!

  • http://twitter.com/ashley_anita Ashley Anita (@ashley_anita)

    1. The ability to grow my hair immediately
    2. Free internet/cable
    3. Air conditioning for outside
    4. A sultry smile
    5. To be actual/legit friends with Beyonce
    6. Reality tv to cease and desist
    7. Super sexy/Super painless stilettos
    8. To retire. Right now
    9. Or, to work in an office that allows everyone to wear pajamas and bedroom slippers
    10. Or to just work from home I guess
    11. Vegetarians to stop judging the rest of us
    12. Christmas to remain as exciting as it was when I was a child
    13. Gay marriage
    14. Massacres to be physically impossible
    15. Homeless people to have a totally fun/clean and happy alternative to Penn Station
    16. Beaches to somehow just be gigantic public pools with grass instead of sand and trees for shade
    17. A perfect wedding
    18. A happy marriage

    • psl.

      HA air conditioning for outside is amazing.

  • psl.

    1. to find a job that i feel passionate about
    2. to be able to maintain an exercise regimen
    3. to sleep a full nights sleep every night that i want to
    4. a dishwasher
    5. a puppy that is already trained
    6. a boyfriend that knows when i want to be with him and when i want to be alone
    7. unlimited breakfast buffets. always.
    8. a fit body
    9. a cleaning lady, especially one who irons well.
    10. more motivation to achieve my goals (#1 and #2)
    11. a bank account that refills when it gets low
    12. no more eczema
    13. central a/c
    14. a car so i can get out of the city once in a while
    15. a weekend house that i can drive my car to.
    16. to feel that i have done everything i could do, and mean it
    17. to not settle for what’s “good enough”- to go after what it is i really want
    18. dessert.

    • http://www.kristenelle.com Kristenelle


  • goldglass

    4. What about cup holders on airplanes? Why hasn’t this happened yet? AAHHHH

  • http://twitter.com/MissDannon Miss Dannon (@MissDannon)

    1. A mute button to make myself shut up when I am in the middle of saying something dumb
    2. Maybe a tape recording of something interesting to start playing right after I mute myself so it doesn’t get awkward
    3. To live in a place where not every single building looks the same as every other building.
    4. More women in my life
    5. A 4-day work week
    6. For the I-35W/I-94 interchange to have bike bridges and landscaping
    7. A store where everything is plain and there is only one type of every product so it is easier to decide what to buy
    8. Going back to #2, a tape deck or boom box so I can always be jamming always
    9. Some cheetos that don’t leave cheese powder on my fingers
    10. To be good at baking bread
    11. To not think about my ex-boyfriend right after having sex with someone else!
    12. Since I want that pretty badly, I will give it two spots
    13. To actually go to yoga class instead of just telling myself to do it
    14. For the United States to be free because of our advanced energy technology and highly educated population, instead of because we have 10 million more nuclear bombs than anyone else.
    15. To have a legit way to dispose of things when I don’t them anymore that doesn’t harm the environment–for stuff that I need to use to be less toxic.
    16. A more comfortable bike seat
    17. To understand when it is OK to spend money and when it’s not
    18. To have a garden with sunflowers and morning glories and maybe even food.

  • http://saltwatercoffee.wordpress.com Sara K

    1)To never ever have to worry about split ends
    2) Consume as much foie gras and steak and scotch as I want without having to worry about the cost or the calories
    3) Have a private jet so that I can meet up with my best friend/family whenever I wanted

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  • http://www.kristenelle.com Kristenelle

    1. To be able to give my mom copious amounts of money for anything that she needs
    2. A French bulldog, Boston terrier, pug, or Corgi
    3. An exotic shorthair or munchkin cat
    4. A year to travel the world with my boyfriend on a limitless budget
    5. To lose 20 lbs
    6. To revisit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so I can taste butter ever and do all the things I wasn’t able to the first time I was there
    7. To be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence
    8. To know who’ll officially be playing Finnick Odair in Catching Fire
    9. The third book in the Divergent trilogy to be released
    10. To see the northern or southern lights in person
    11. Universal healthcare
    12. Disco fries and/or a combo platter from Halal Guys with extra white sauce
    13. To know how to apply makeup without looking like a clown
    14. To finally be married to my boyfriend of seven years
    15. To see Ruby Sparks at the dine-in theater in west orange
    16. Siri
    17. To go to the beach
    18. A complete spa retreat (treat yoself)

    • http://www.kristenelle.com Kristenelle

      Butterbeer not butter ever

      I guess you can change #16 to auto-correct being able to read my mind and therefore not make any mistakes ever

    • Zara

      All those great things and then Siri. You’re honestly not missing out at all, I promise. It’s terrible.

  • Victoria

    1. To never have to charge my laptop again. or my phone.
    2. Adobe InDesign/Photoshop
    3. to be inspired enough to write my book.
    4. To have someone like Hannah wants on girls “who likes me and wants to have sex with only me.” That stuff
    5. To meet Tina Fey. and hug her.
    6. To never get a cold again
    7. To be able to jump over one hurdle.
    8. For Amtrak to cost as much as a subway ride
    9. To be in DC
    10. The West Wing on DVD
    11. For decisions to be easier
    12. Free Wifi everywhere!
    13. Instagram just goes away forever
    14. The time to read the Game of Thrones books
    15. Unemployed people have jobs
    16. Death penalty stops
    17. Gay people can marry
    18. Everyone is happy yay!

    • Nebula Lawrence

      5. yes + she instantly likes me and takes me under her wing and we becomes BBFs in a big.little sister way

    • Neeka

      # 12 Yes.

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