NPR Reporter Interviews His Young Daughters After One Gives The Other A Disastrous Haircut

This is the cutest thing to grace my ears in a while. Jeff Cohen, a public radio reporter for WNPR in Hartford, sat down his two precocious daughters Sadie, 5, and Eva, 3 to interview them about the time Sadie gave Eva a disastrous home haircut.

The girls brilliantly detail their adventure, and subsequently their parents’ horrified reactions. It’s especially adorable to hear them explaining their reasoning. “If it grew any longer when she wiped her butt, her hair would go in the toilet and it’d be gross,” Sadie says at one point. Eva says her long hair was itching her hips. (Oh my god, so cute.) Their dad asks when they realized the haircut had not gone well. When she finished, Sadie looked at Eva and said, “This is bad, bad, bad, bad.”

Dad: “Did you think we were gonna like it?”
Girls: “No, but I didn’t know you were gonna scream like that though.”

There are also some gems of advice that seem like they’d come from a much older person. (From the mouths of babes, etc etc.) Reflecting on the experience, Sadie says, “That was really, really, really terrible but everyone does that kind of stuff sometimes. It happens like, once or twice or three times in every life.” Damn, girl. Can you be my life coach?

If you had siblings, you definitely had some kind of similar incident growing up. I absolutely cut my little sister’s golden locks much to my parents’ chagrin. How about the self-inflicted beauty makeovers? During my childhood, I cut my own bangs so that they stood straight up off my head like Alfalfa, had a friend cut about six inches off my hair under a cabin at sleepaway camp, and at one point, shaved my own eyebrows because I though they were “too bushy.” (Jews!)

Fellow TC-er Steph Georgopulos says she cut off an entire braid, left it in the toilet and then tried to tell her mom it belonged to a doll. Whatever, don’t judge. You know you did it too. TC Mark


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  • alisonwisneski (@alisonwisneski)

    My sister once cut her hair that was all in front of her face so she had mega, MEGA short bangs. So my mom made her sell Girl Scout cookies in public at a grocery store. For a week.

  • Hannah

    Isnt it kind of alarming that a 3 year old and a 5 year old were left in charge of scissors? Improbably wouldn’t go publicising that.

    • Kayla

      I doubt they were given scissors and told, ‘Here, these are for you.’ Kids have a knack for finding things they have no business having, which you would know if you knew anything about small children.

      • Hannah

        I have a 2 year old son that I would never allow to discover sharp and dangerous objects. It’s a parent’s job to keep their children safe. What if she’d slipped and stabbed her sister or poked her in the eye? Probably wouldn’t be so cute and funny then.

    • Caitlin

      Rather than criticizing their parenting, I would applaud it. What better way to share the executrices of raising two kids than to interview them and put it on youtube?

      • Hannah

        I can think of hundreds of ways to be a better parent than put my child’s eccentricities on YouTube. As I’ve said above, if one of them had slipped and accidentally injured the other then it would be so cute. Thousands of needless accidents happen all around the world because of careless parenting like this.

      • Lydia

        Loosen the fuck up, all of you! Enjoy the subject matter rather than criticizing his parenting. This is a gem!

    • nope

      meh, i had scissors as a child. i could also sew and knit by 5 because i was a crafty fucker. it was great. i did things like arts and crafts and once i stabbed my palm making a cardboard box fort… and that is the only time i have ever hurt myself using a tool because at the ripe age of four, i taught myself the vital lesson of knowing where your fingers are at all times.

      • Denise

        A 2-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl generally have very different attention spans…..even as a babysitter, I’ve seen girls that age work meticulously with glitter and glue for like an hour……that shit would almost positively be all over the house and like, inside the ears of a 2-year-old boy. I second the loosen the fuck up comment. This is adorable. Also, Nope, you sound like you were an awesome kid.

    • MJ

      You see, it’s more than hiding your child from the dangers of the world and rather teaching them how to act when that time comes. My mother always told me the rules of using scissors and how dangerous and sharp they were while being a necessary tool in crafts. Kids will always be amazed by foreign objects, if they were kept hidden all the time and was stumbled upon, which will ALWAYS happen, they WILL play with it to find out what it’s fore. Sure you should keep them away from it but they should know what the two blades with hand grips are used for. Which of course is not for stabbing.

    • pri

      No good parent would willingly expose their young child to scussors, but kids can find them. Accidents happen, parents are not superhuman. Clearly this parent will learn a lesson but in the meantime it is nothing wrong that he interviewed them. This way the parents see how smart their kids actualy are (great memorable video) and its a fun way to remind your child that they sjould never

  • Jaznae

    This is great. What is childhood without some sort of hair fiasco?

  • Kady Heron (@heronkady10)

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  • Ella Ceron

    I work as a nanny, and the most horrifying moment of my career was when the girls I watched at the time were making collages. Their mother came home, and I turned my head to talk to her about how the day went, and before either of us knew it, the three and a half year old had cut the front portion of her hair into the shortest, most uneven bangs ever because she wanted to “see more better.” I hadn’t left the room or moved from my seat next to her, let alone left her alone with the scissors; she just did it in one swoop. Poor kid rocked a Rod Stewart haircut for months.

  • T

    My mom used to have her hair salon in our house (it was the 90’s k). It was the day before kindergarten. Poor mother was upstairs in bed, sick. I decided to give myself, and my sister, and my moms salon, a “school makeover”. First, my younger sister and I started with the salon. We “painted” it for her, with mascara. Then, I gave my sister a makeover, lipstick and mascara, with a hair trim for good measure. Then I got up onto the chair myself, and worked some magic. I decided to cut all the hair off on one side of my head, the left side, because “it just wasn’t as pwetty as duh wight side, mom”.

  • Sammy Saiyavongsa

    I once shaved off my own eyebrows and then tried to “pencil” them back in with my mom’s eyeliner. I can’t even imagine her horror when she discovered my new look. Later, when I got my first pair of glasses I “trimmed” my eyelashes so they wouldn’t brush against my lenses. I’m sorry, Mom.

  • Patricia

    I was 3 when my older cousin and I cut my mom’s hair while she was sleeping. She was forced to sport a pixie ‘do for many, many weeks.

  • D.A.

    These kids are super articulate! WOW
    Meanwhile, I grew up in a house with 7 kids. They were all younger than me, so no one was around to give me disastrous haircuts. I had to do those on me own.

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