NPR Reporter Interviews His Young Daughters After One Gives The Other A Disastrous Haircut

This is the cutest thing to grace my ears in a while. Jeff Cohen, a public radio reporter for WNPR in Hartford, sat down his two precocious daughters Sadie, 5, and Eva, 3 to interview them about the time Sadie gave Eva a disastrous home haircut.


The girls brilliantly detail their adventure, and subsequently their parents’ horrified reactions. It’s especially adorable to hear them explaining their reasoning. “If it grew any longer when she wiped her butt, her hair would go in the toilet and it’d be gross,” Sadie says at one point. Eva says her long hair was itching her hips. (Oh my god, so cute.) Their dad asks when they realized the haircut had not gone well. When she finished, Sadie looked at Eva and said, “This is bad, bad, bad, bad.”

Dad: “Did you think we were gonna like it?”
Girls: “No, but I didn’t know you were gonna scream like that though.”

There are also some gems of advice that seem like they’d come from a much older person. (From the mouths of babes, etc etc.) Reflecting on the experience, Sadie says, “That was really, really, really terrible but everyone does that kind of stuff sometimes. It happens like, once or twice or three times in every life.” Damn, girl. Can you be my life coach?

If you had siblings, you definitely had some kind of similar incident growing up. I absolutely cut my little sister’s golden locks much to my parents’ chagrin. How about the self-inflicted beauty makeovers? During my childhood, I cut my own bangs so that they stood straight up off my head like Alfalfa, had a friend cut about six inches off my hair under a cabin at sleepaway camp, and at one point, shaved my own eyebrows because I though they were “too bushy.” (Jews!)

Fellow TC-er Steph Georgopulos says she cut off an entire braid, left it in the toilet and then tried to tell her mom it belonged to a doll. Whatever, don’t judge. You know you did it too. TC Mark

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