Watch The Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” And Talk It Out In Our Comments Section

In news fit to ruin your day/week/life, The Beastie Boys’ MCA (Adam Yauch) who had struggled with cancer in his parotid gland and lymph nodes since 2009, was found dead today at 47 years old.

It is currently unclear if Yauch, who cofounded the New York City hip hop group The Beastie Boys in 1979 with Mike D (Michael Diamond) and Adrock (Adam Horovitz), died of complications with his cancer. He leaves behind a wife and a daughter.

The band hadn’t performed live since MCA announced his battle with cancer in 2009, (even cancelling a tour and shows at Lollapalooza and All Points West that year) but it was always the hope that they’d one day do so again.

What a huge, sh-tty bummer.

Let’s all have a nice Beastie Boys lovefest. Leave your awesome MCA memories in the comments. We need some cheering up right now. This is the worst. TC mark

image – The Beastie Boys


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  • Jesse Vaughan


  • Guest

    When I was younger, my older brother used to pick me up from middle school and blast Paul’s Boutique.

    • Anonymous

      Ha! Older brothers are kind of the best that way. Mine did similar stuff with Guns n Roses.

    • Goldglass

      My older brother introduced me to the Beastie Boys when Hello Nasty came out – he was in high school, and I was only 9. I didn’t like their music at first, but now it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It’s older brother music for sure.

  • Sinus Buster

    This is such sad news. 

    Aside from the consistent high-quality albums, my favorite part about the Beastie Boys has always been their statements in the 90’s that apologized for their misogynistic, sexist, and homophobic ways in the 80’s. These are three good, talented, and smart people, who were honest about admitting wrongdoings and always worked to improve themselves as people. Yauch was always one of the more vocal ones in the group, both when they made these statements and when it came to standing up for human rights in the following years.

    R.I.P. MCA. You will be missed, but always remembered.


    The day my friend got her drivers license, we went to Wharehouse Music and bought the Check Your Head cassette and drove around the SF Bay Area all day blasting it as if we were the coolest kids in the world….until we got a flat tire on a road below the Golden Gate. Fortunately there was a random coast guard strolling who was able to change the tire. I will always remember many nights spent listening to that album running around SF, buying 40s from corner markets who sold to underage kids and drinking them at the Embarcadero as we watched skaters practice tricks. This sucks…RIP MCA. 

  • Steven Vineis

    This dude was everybody’s favorite Beastie. Who else were you going to choose?

    Strange, I haven’t heard from The Beastie Boys in probably four or five years by choice. In passing, at a party, sure…but I haven’t consciously listened to them in recent years. Maybe I outgrew it or something. I’m listening now, and it’s kind of interesting to consider how many iconic hip-hop albums these guys did. The inventiveness of the group from record to record, the implementation of live instrumentation and of course, the “Boutique” samples…coupled with furthering the entire genre in areas hitherto unexpected or unimagined.

    80’s rap was ridiculous. Not just these dudes. The majority of ’80s rap was just an absurd display of track suits and misogyny, but who cares? It reflected in the content. And these dudes were part of that pinnacle, and I think it was always done with care and respect.

    I used to get up early on Saturday morning when I was like, twelve, and just play Goldeneye while listening to “License to Ill” and “Check Your Head.” “The Sounds of Science” was super important to me, and probably got more play than anything else I owned at the time. I appreciate them making my middle school and early high school days better than yours.

    Cancer blows.

    RIP MCA.

  • Georgia

    Miss you, MCA! This song is amazing. All of their stuff is amazing. My dad introduced me to them when I was about 12 and Hello Nasty came out.

  • lenin

    I am more sad than I should be considering I’ve never even met the guy holy shit 

  • Molly

    My boyfriend passed away from a brain tumor in 2008.  He is a huge Beastie fan, and the reason I really started listening to them.  Whenever he was having a really tough time with handling his situation, he would listen to their music (specifically Sabotage) and rock out till he didn’t focus on the pain anymore.  And his name was also Adam.  I think of him every time a Beastie song comes on, and now I hope that Adam x 2 are rockin it together.

  • Jordana Bevan

    Now here’s a little story I gots to tell, bout three bad brothers you know so well. it started way back in history with Ad-Rock, MCA and me, Mike D..

  • Gregory A Tapper

    This really saddens me, so much of my youth– especially my early 20’s in the early 90’s was spent with the beastie boys as my soundtrack.  I remember when Paul’s Boutique came out. Life Changing.
    Today I grew up a little bit more, I became a wee bit older and world weary, knowing that a part of the soundtrack of my youth has rejoined the ether. Part of me died with MCA today, the Beastie inside of me.   This makes turning 41 next week suck even more. 

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