50 People Who Should Have Planned Parenthood Wings Named After Them Before Tucker Max

Tucker Max, the notorious author of ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ had his 500k donation to Planned Parenthood Texas turned down yesterday. In an effort to decrease his tax burden, Max, who has written nastily about women, thought it’d be funny to donate the amount necessary to have a wing of the women’s health clinic named after him.

Planned Parenthood Texas has been seeking additional funding since the state legislature cut off Medicaid because PP provides abortions. Max says he supports the organization’s work. Part of me thinks PP should’ve laughed all the way to the bank. The other part imagines “The Tucker Max Planned Parenthood Center.”

Here are 50 people easily more deserving of a wing at Planned Parenthood than Tucker Max.

  1. Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  3. Gloria Steinem
  4. Gloria Estefan
  5. Harriet Tubman
  6. Kirsten Gillibrand
  7. Hillary Clinton
  8. Whoopi Goldberg
  9. Goldberg the wrestler
  10. Frida Kahlo
  11. Sonya Sotomayer
  12. Kerri Strugg
  13. Mindy from Mork and Mindy
  14. Wilt Chamberlain
  15. Amy Poehler’s new baby
  16. Your aunt who lives in New Mexico and makes turquoise bracelets on Etsy
  17. Sandra Fluke
  18. Tracy Grandstaff, the voice of Daria
  19. Grace Jones
  20. Nancy Keenan
  21. Keenan & Kel
  22. Yoshi
  23. The guy who wrote ‘Hava Negila’
  24. Gilda Radnor
  25. Jane Curtain
  26. Jane from The Jetsons
  27. Your high school science teacher
  28. Lara Croft
  29. Louisa May Alcott
  30. Mary Shelley
  31. Shelley Duvall
  32. Clara Bow
  33. Tupac Shakur
  34. Kevin Youkilis
  35. Muggsy Bogues
  36. Brad Pitt in Moneyball
  37. Jonah Hill in Superbad
  38. Jackie Joyner-Kersee
  39. Rainbow Brite
  40. The end of the movie Spacejam
  41. Susan B. Anthony
  42. Women B. Shopping
  43. Betty Friedan
  44. Michael Crichton
  45. Jeff Goldblum
  46. A T-Rex that ate a cell phone
  47. Smurfette
  48. Elena Kagan
  49. Virginia Woolf
  50. Severus Snape Thought Catalog Logo Mark
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