Let Your Adventures Feed Your Soul

image - Flickr / mariusz kluzniak
image – Flickr / mariusz kluzniak

The unknown might scare me, but it is the adventure in the not knowing that feeds my eagerness to go through life’s obstacles to see what is in store for my future. At times it may feel like people are trying to knock you down during your adventure but in reality, these people or circumstances are only road bumps. Since we are human…emotions at times get the best of us.

I find it funny when people say they are emotionless because you cannot control what cannot be controlled. You have two types of people where 1.) They cope with ‘road bumps’ by expressing their emotions or 2.) Try to cope with ‘road bumps’ by bottling it up.

Every person is capable of forming a mental abstraction [the basis of being able to think] and because emotions and our thoughts go hand-in-hand, it is inevitable to feel them. Therefore, the next time you hear someone tell you they are emotionless, it is total bullshit. Those who act emotionless need to realize that losing your shit is completely okay. How we experience the world is based off the connection of our thoughts and emotions and the more refined our ability is to think, the stronger and more painful they are.

The good news is that emotions can be calmed by our thoughts, which is why it’s necessary to take time for yourself to think things through before moving on in your own life’s adventure when you hit a road bump. A surplus of emotion is known to interfere with rational thought and plays a rather large role in decision-making.

With that being said, be wise in your journey and know it’s completely okay to take one step forward and two steps back for the sake of your mind, body and soul.

What makes your life’s adventure intriguing and fun to dive into is the connections with people you make along the way and valuable life lessons that serve as building blocks in, well, what makes you, you.

Once you accept yourself for who you are, you are fully capable of not only loving your own life, but also loving the lives of those who you’re surrounded by. We have the words to change someone’s day but we bite our tongues. Why? Many of you can relate when I say there is no greater feeling of gratitude other then when you change someone’s life for the better. Whether that is being a good friend, spouse, mother, father, sister, brother, etc., it goes a long way and delivers happiness to not only the ones you love but also to you in serving as a stepping stone to your own contentment and elation. It’s like on Christmas morning when you’re more eager for those to open the gifts you gave than the ones you have been given.

So, here’s to the people with hearts as loud as a lion and who try there hardest to be good enough for everyone and not just themselves. In the end, your journey and adventure in life will be mainly written by the actions you make and of those whom you surround yourself by. So choose wisely and know right from wrong, give people the benefit of the doubt and learn that life is rewarding when you look for the positives within it.

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