There’s Life Outside Work And It’s Time You Knew About It

image - Flickr / Lulu Lovering
image – Flickr / Lulu Lovering

We work hard to get what we want. We lose sleep many nights by over-working ourselves and stressing over thoughts of the next day and what needs to be accomplished. We spend too much time worrying about our future, that we tend to forget to live in the moment. That extra hour at the office, that extra hour of studying for an exam is sometimes a necessary hour, but I have seen many times where that extra hour has turned into hour(s). Let us not forget that good things come free and that it is the little things we miss when we realize they’re gone and no longer in reach to us. Cherish who you are and not who the world wants you to be. Adore the ones you love. It’s tough not to get caught up in today’s labeling society and feeling the need to climb that social ladder to the top, but stay true to who you are and you can/will live a satisfying life that is permeated with much love.

We get discouraged when we work hard and don’t get what we want. Please, that’s LIFE and shit happens. Stop waiting around for Friday, for happiness, for someone, for a life…because when you stop waiting, happiness comes when you least expect it. That requires you making the most of the moment you are living in now. You’ve got to battle through the bad days sometimes to get to the good ones and when you do, it is ever so gratifying. Life is not a cakewalk. If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life, things will come easier than expected and you will feel fulfilled. If a bad day approaches, remember as you breathe right now in this moment, another person is taking their last. So, stop whining, and learn to live your life with what you have.

I urge you to take a break. Get out and recognize how much more there is to life outside of your emblematic day. Acknowledge the small things you are thankful for and remember them so that when you are having a rough day, you can look back and see how rewarding your life legitimately is! Summer is ending and Fall is in full force. Document your autumn memories, carve pumpkins, jump in a pile of leaves, and run in the woods. Do something for YOU and know that it is important to take time to focus on yourself every once in awhile. Ask yourself when you wake up, “What can I do to put a smile on my face today?” and do just that. Please, don’t die before you’re dead. Live a little and maybe keep the whipped cream on your Starbucks coffee this morning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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