Let Go Of What You Can’t Control

image - Flickr / francis gaerlan
image – Flickr / francis gaerlan

People are bound to experience unfavorable events in their lifetime and not have any idea why exactly it happened to them. I am invariably reminding myself that I need to let go of the things I cannot control. When a matter is out of your hands, there is nothing you can do but sit back and be patient to see what happens next. Life is a course and I like to think every extensive life event, positive or negative, is a piece of a puzzle that will one-day create this alluring picture. It is how we depict these events and how we acknowledge them that make us who we are today and determine what kind of life we want to live for our future.

We need to accept that our lives for the most part are uncontrollable. A lot of the time, you’ll put blame on yourself for why things didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. One thing I have learned and want to share with you is that, even though we cannot control what happens in our every day lives, we can control the way we think about these events and how we go about handling them. When humans fail to meet their internal standards, it leads us to become unsatisfied with ourselves. Based on the Social Awareness theory of Psychology, when you no longer want to feel that dissatisfaction, you will flee from yourself. Whether that may be drinking, smoking, sleeping around (Anything to cover up and help you forget what isn’t going the right way in your life.) Note: This only distracts you from thinking of your problems; it does not get rid of them!

The funny thing is, is there a right way to live your life? It varies amongst us all and only you can be the judge of that. I am here to remind you that we are only human and there is only so much we have control over. Worrying doesn’t put a halt on bad things from happening; it delays you from recognizing the good. Even though bad things happen to good people, they are given to the good people because they are the one’s who will be able to find the silver lining. In the end, God never gives a person more than they can handle. So have a little faith and keep your head up because counting your blessings and not your problems is a great way to stay positive and live a happy life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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