Why Being Told That ‘Whatever Happens Is Meant to Be’ Is Utter Bullshit

It’s hard to regularly think about how unpredictable life actually is.

I find myself within these years of early onset adulthood, constantly contemplating the path I’m on. Is this path right for me? Am I making the right decisions in helping to reach my goals? Am I capable of such accomplishments? Even though these are the hard hitting questions I continuously ask myself and the people around me, I’m always thrown the same response. People tend to automatically pull out the robotic phrase “whatever happens is what’s meant to be!” For a while I believed in that phrase. I allowed it to define certain instances in my life, and let it blind me from actually taking pride in my reality.

My reasons for having copious amounts of pent up anger towards this simple phrase stems from being dealt a rough hand. I lost my mother at a young age, and had my father become incarcerated during the duration of my senior year of high school. These two instances are the bulk of why I don’t believe whatever happens is supposedly “meant to be”. Nothing in life is set in stone, that’s what makes it fun and unpredictable. You mean to tell me that I was supposed to lose my mother? Was I supposed to go through my senior year alone, without the moral support of a parent? I refuse beginning to imagine that instances such as these were destined upon my life.

If some people heavily take this statement to heart, and have it guide them through their life, I commend them. I just will never be able to understand how certain situations in life are “meant to be.” Does this make me cynical? Quite possibly. Does it make me a realist? Absolutely.

Everything happens because it just does. Reasons aren’t needed to live day to day. You aren’t necessarily supposed to wake up every day and go about your life. The daily wakeup just happens. Things just happen, and will continue happening.

Anyone can decide at any given moment that they can defy their path.

Is this meant to be? No, but hey, nothing actually is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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