I Wish For All This And More

woman blowing white dandelion flower
Neil Bates / Unsplash

I wish we could smile a bit more. Genuine smiles that reach our eyes, the kind that convey complete joy. I wish for smiles that become laughter that make our stomachs sore, the smiles that we embed in our memories to remind us what life is for.

I wish for us a little less anxiety, a little less pressure and tension, the stress that finds space in our shoulders when we hold too much inside. I wish for a comfort that not all is lost. There are battles to win and victories to obtain. I wish for reminders that that there is joy after pain.

I wish for more firsts. First times going to new places. First times meeting new faces. First times feeling butterflies for the first time in a long time. First times taking real, important chances. First times doing things we’ve only talked about too many times.

I wish for truth and trust. For understanding ourselves and the people who we could never trust again. For realizing that we can trust again with different people who hold our hearts the way they are meant to be held. I wish for forgiveness and hope. That we can believe that not everyone is out to hurt us. That love is real and good and not just aspects of a love misunderstood.

I wish this for you and I wish this for me. I wish this for anyone who ever felt like this life is a mistake, for those who believe they were stuck in some unfortunate fate. I wish this for anyone whose broken edges ache, and I wish for more chances to soften the edges so that we can see our lives as unquestionably great.

I wish for all this and more. For a year and more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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