Dear Cam Newton: A Love Letter

Keith Allison
Keith Allison

Dear Cam,

You just lost the Superbowl. I know, because I watched it. I was angry that your team let you get sacked 7 times. I was angry that I didn’t get to see you dab. Angry because I knew the media would rain down all types of judgement on you – win or lose.

White America’s issue with you and your unapologetic Blackness speaks to their desire to see Black men only flourishing in the limited roles they create for you. Your confidence makes them uncomfortable because you’re not supposed to be self-assured or one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. You’re allowed to play their sports and make them money but God forbid you own who you are in that process.

White America’s issue with you is reflective of their issue with all Black men. It explains why they kill you in the streets, call you thugs for things white men are called passionate for, and only seem to appreciate you for your ability to run fast and write rhymes they can rap to. But, I’ve always known Black manhood to be much more than that – Black manhood is more than that. It’s provision, strength, faith, friendship, love, and protection. It’s intelligence, inventions, patents, fraternities, Presidents. You are more than your long legs and jump shot. You have more to offer the world than a strong throwing arm.

I hope that when the world makes you feel like you have to be one dimensional, you will continue to reject that narrative. You are allowed to be angry, mad, sad, happy, joyful, ecstatic and everything in between. You are allowed to cry, and whether they be tears of joy or sadness, never be afraid to let them fall. You are exactly the role model little Black boys and girls need. And, you don’t owe anyone shit.

To the culture, you were and always will be a winner.

Still we dab.

xoxo. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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