This Will Forever Change The Way You Look At Selfies


While many people often think the improper use of mainstream media is damaging our culture’s perception of beauty, there is now a change taking place that is worth being noted: the redemption of beauty’s true portrayal through “selfies” on social media.

When I think of “selfies”, my brain typically flashes to many of my Instagram friends who take an abundance of these self-portraits. I have always asked myself “what’s the purpose of taking a ‘selfie’?” Without fail, I leave the reflective question to be answered by my own surface-level answer and say that it’s probably the result of these posters being selfish and way too into themselves. After all, the word “selfie” is only two characters shy of spelling the word “selfish”. Sorry if it offends, but it just seemed to be the most fitting answer.

It was not until I watched the “Beauty Is” campaign video by Dove that I realized the true depth of a “selfie”. If you doubt the power of social media to change the minds of our culture and current generations, this video is bound to prove you wrong. More than ever do we have the power to redefine beauty and it can start with each of us using social media to take a “selfie”. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


This post first appeared on Christian Media Magazine.

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