3 Quotes Every Over-Thinker Needs To Live By

Flickr / Nikos Koutoulas
Flickr / Nikos Koutoulas

1. “If it’s meant to be, it will be.”

This quote’s my favorite. It’s helpful for any relationship overthinker who spends an excessive amount of time deliberating on the smallest details. Whether it’s about a sent text, a short conversation or an innocent smile, people have the tendency to overthink the most trivial things.

It’s a simple matter. You either like someone or you don’t. A “maybe”, or a “not sure,” is likely a “NO.” I believe that if two people feel the same way about each other, then the universe will do whatever it takes to make things work.

Think about it. If you care about someone, wouldn’t you do something about it? In Friends, Rachel found Ross. Shouldn’t we be able to find our lobsters too?

2. “Everything happens for a reason.”

This quote’s one of the most difficult quotes to live by in tough times. It’s nonsensical; it’s stupid, and it blinds us from finding our purpose in life.
When I was applying to colleges, I was rejected by the College of the Holy Cross. I was devastated, but told myself that things would work out in the end. Reading the rejection letter prompted ideas in my mind that I wasn’t good enough, however, it also gave me the motivation to improve my work ethic.

Things eventually made sense. I found out why I received that rejection letter four years ago and why I needed to step out of my comfort zone. As a senior at Fordham University, I have to say I’ve found my place. I’m blessed to have the most caring and annoying roommates, the opportunity to serve on multiple international executive boards, write for the school paper and serve the global community through Fordham’s very own Global Outreach program.

3. “In life, there are things beyond our control.”

This quote is one of the hardest concepts for over-thinkers to grasp. It’s natural for someone to want to be in control. People like to choose what toppings go into their Chipotle burrito. People like to know when their Amazon shipments will arrive.

I remember when I was a kid, and my parents would ask me what I wanted for Christmas. They’d ask me this since they wanted to “tell” Santa my wish themselves. When I got the Pokémon Red game for Gameboy from Santa, I was disappointed. I wanted Pokémon Yellow and ended up with a game I hadn’t originally wanted.

This quote made me realize how things don’t always go our way. I specifically told my parents to tell Santa that I wanted Pokémon Yellow, but I guess a lot of other kids asked Santa for the same game too. By learning how to accept unforeseen situations that we have no control over, we’re preparing ourselves to become tougher both mentally and physically—which will make us happier persons in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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