The Difference Between Positivity, Hope, And Faith


When something you’ve been looking forward to gets cancelled:

Positivity: The joy really was in the journey.
Hope: It’s going to push through one of these days.
Faith: The world will balance out this bad with something good soon.

When you’ve had a bad day:

Positivity: It’s a bad day, not a bad life.
Hope: Tomorrow will be a better day.
Faith: Life wouldn’t give me anything it knew I couldn’t handle.

When you don’t get what you wanted:

Positivity: At least I have what I need.
Hope: One day I’m going to get it.
Faith: This is a sign that it wasn’t meant for me.

When you fail at something you’ve worked hard for:

Positivity: I made it this far.
Hope: There are better things in store for me.
Faith: It didn’t happen in the way I wanted, but in the way I needed.

When you make a mistake:

Positivity: At least I learned something today.
Hope: This isn’t going to happen again.
Faith: My mistakes will help me grow as a better person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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