I Still Think You Are Magic

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I get weirdly nervous to write about things that make me happy, as if I think writing it down is going to jinx whatever good I have in my life. But it has been ten months since I last wrote about you and today, I want to write about you again.

People say that in relationships there is a honeymoon period where everything is sunshine and lollipops and rainbows everywhere. It’s a magical time where both people can do no wrong, there are no real arguments or disagreements, and you think your partner is just about the most amazing person you’ve ever met. The one thing I do also hear about this fabled honeymoon period is that it wears off. That at some point the cute little quirks and kinks of your significant other become less cute and suddenly more infuriating. That a little bit of the magic goes away as things settle and become more comfortable.

Don’t get me wrong, feeling settled and being comfortable is great, but I still feel magic with you and I think I always will.

I feel the magic when you hold my hand unexpectedly.

I feel the magic when you kiss my forehead.

I feel the magic when it’s too hot for us to cuddle but I feel your silly foot find mine.

I feel the magic when you drift off to sleep so quickly next to me and I feel the magic again when you tell me, “I fall asleep much faster when you are here with me.”

I feel the magic when you call me by my full name.

I still feel the magic just looking at you, because I know I could do that a million times and never see enough.

I still feel the magic because I think you are the magic.

And maybe one day, when I’m ready, I will let you read this. Or maybe, like last time, you will find this and read it yourself. Either way, you are still magic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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