You Deserve To Take A Chance On Love

Tiko Giorgadze

You deserve a love that’s true. Oh yes, you do.

One that would convince you to give love a shot again not because you feel it is what will make you happy but because his presence secures you that it’s okay to trust again. Allow him to break your walls for it is in your vulnerability that you’ll be able to appreciate the innocence that was once stolen from you.

Trust again because no love is ever successful without taking risks.

The type that would make you feel the spirit of youth regardless of what age you are because allowing yourself to be giddy over the idea of seeing him after a tiring day from work takes all the stress away. You deserve someone who’s willing to hear how your day went and make it seem the best day you’ve ever had regardless of how crappy things are because you know he was there, listening and understanding your every word. Let him liberate in you the freedom that comes from being appreciated for what you are and what you do.

A love that won’t take advantage of the things that you are still naive about. You can both laugh at how you have no idea about things an average person finds very familiar and he does not make you feel less of an adult. Instead, he acknowledges your ignorance and make it seem like the most beautiful flaw he has ever encountered. He takes you to the path of learning to feed your desire of becoming a better person. Because you don’t have to pretend when you’re with him. Your cunning self is more than enough for him to see that you are worth it.

One which will make you realize how different childish love is from that of the matured one. You come to see things in a different perspective and testify that in the end, it’s not just the butterflies in the stomach that counts. All the fleeting emotions will fade at one point and you’re left thinking of all the man that he is. Whether he’s just good for the moment or he’s someone worth taking the risk for. A thought which will render you authority to decide for yourself. An independent decision you genuinely choose for your own good and for the first time in your life, you’ve finally thought about yourself first.

You deserve all these and many more.

Adventures yet to happen, experiences yet to be taken, and struggles yet to overcome. Go through all these despite the threat of being broken once again because my dear, once in a while, you deserve a love that’s true.

Oh yes, you do. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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